Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some Camryn Shots

This was Camryn's first morning at home.  I couldn't wait to dress her in this animal print onesie with a pink bow


This one was before her first wedding on June 18.  She was not pleased with me taking her picture that day.  The dress is another one of Avery's.  Thank goodness for fashionable cousins!


This was Fathers Day after church.  I love the flower!  Charity gave it to her.  I also love this dress....guess who is letting us borrow it.....

This was that same evening.  You will see a lot of my knees and feet in some of the pictures.  I sit in the chair just holding her a lot during the day.

This is a very large bow.  It shrinks her head.  People comment on the fact she seems so tiny, but she really isn't that small.  Jay thinks it's the size of most of her flowers and bows.  Compared to those she is tiny.

This was Monday night after our first day running errands in Springfield.  Don't we all feel this way after grocery shopping?

How sweet is this?  It was at Cade's Tuesday night ballgame.

I went for a bow on top of her head this day.  Cade liked it better than the big bows. 

Her onesie says I Love My Mom & Dad....she is thinking I'd love them more if they'd quit putting me in my car seat!

Just a sweet picture I took Friday morning.

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Anonymous said...

Jay and Crystal,
I enjoy reading your blog.Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story. I am so happy for all of you.
Janella Spencer