Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The baseball season that would never end....

Some of you may remember the Lupron induced breakdown I had last year when Cade's last year of Coach's Pitch ended.  I cried all weekend.  I've always enjoyed his baseball seasons and all in all they were a good time.  As it turns out I don't really think it's baseball that I was the funny things the kids did as they were standing the wrong way in the outfield, more worried about getting a ring pop than what was going on in the field, drinking tons of gatorade before the game would start and then they'd do the potty dance in the outfield.  Yeah, that's what I really enjoyed about coach's pitch.  Regular baseball....not so much.  It is an hour and thirty minutes of sweating buckets while you watch 9&10 year olds pitch to each other.  Oh, on occassion you have a really good hit or a really good strike, but it's mostly watching the ball go everywhere but into the catchers glove.  Some of the biggest excitment is when one goes over the backstop and everyone covers their smaller children with their bodies.  Good times.

I think the season this year has seemed extra long for us.  Seriously, I think it was 5 years ago we played our first game.  And as Jay recalled last night, we've even missed 4 games.  Four games....and it feels like an eternity.  We missed the 4 games due to Camryn, which is why missing them was acceptable.  Otherwise we don't skip games.  Its a rule in our house that once you start something you finish matter how much Jay and I are crying and begging to not have to go.  Monday night we played our first tournament game.  Of course the tournament is in Stockton which is the middle of nowhere for us down some curvy roads.  It is not a fun drive and it takes right at an hour to get there.  We missed Monday because we took Camryn to Jay's grandparents in Fayetteville.  They hadn't seen her yet and Jay's Aunt and Uncle from Chicago were there.  I know Jay and I were secretly thinking/hoping we were done with baseball.  When one of the parents texted us and said we were losing we were happy about it.  Until she texted us later and told us it was double elimination.  We had to go back to Stockton Tuesday night (insert big sigh here). 

Tuesday night we traveled back to Stockton for a 7:30 pm game.  At least the weather was wonderful.  That made it bearable.  We were so close to losing and then at the last moment we pulled ahead.  We go back to Stockton again tonight.  We play our first game at 6.  If we win we play again at 7:30.  It is so hot outside right now that I start sweating just thinking about sitting at this 6 o'clock game.   Then when you add in a summer baby it doesn't make things easier.  I know there are pros and cons to a baby born in any season, but a summer baby with a boy playing ball is definitely a con.  With Cade being born in March by the summer he could somewhat support himself.  You could put him our your lap and he didn't have to touch you and you weren't touching all of him.  Poor Camryn is a sticky mess by the end of these games.  Since she can't support herself we are just all over each other.  I take the stroller and she does good in it, but then she doesn't get as much air as she does when she's on your lap.  But when she's on your lap it's hard to keep the sun off of her.  We are just lucky she is such a good natured baby and takes everything she's exposed to in stride.  Otherwie there would probably be a lot of crying at these games....and Camryn wouldn't be very happy either. 

Wow, my life is 180 degrees different than it was a year ago. 

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Shelley said...

Wasn't it this time last year that you were crying over your pizza? You are right. 180. And isn't it just magical? :) So SOOO happy for you.