Monday, May 23, 2011


The images from Joplin are just unbelievable.  I saw a picture of Academy Sports - it is unrecognizable.  Mom and I were in there about 24 hours earlier getting Cade new baseball pants and cleats.  I just can't get over the devestation.  I saw pictures from a camera that looked like it was going down Rangeline.  You can't even tell where they are because there are no buildings.  We've just had another minor storm blow through so I imagine that Joplin is now getting the same rain we are.  That would have to hamper their search and recovery efforts.  I haven't been outside since I got to work but Jay said it's cooled off - so that also isn't doing them any favors.  What a tragedy. 

Something else that really blows my mind are people who see those kinds of images and still won't take shelter if they are in a tornado warning.  Crazy. 

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