Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our weekend....and more profile pictures....

After a wild night at Prom (we left at 10 pm wooo!) I went to Sheldon on Satruday to get some profile pictures.  Jay went to a farm auction that was down the road and then a cattle sale on Sunday.  I think he enjoyed his free time while Cade and I were gone!  Poor Cade kept asking me how many more pictures did he have to take?  I've done a lot of internet research on profiles and one bit advice I got was to keep your pictures new.  Don't use a picture if it looks really dated...like not even your wedding if it was over 5 years ago.  So in keeping with that theme I'm trying to use pictures taken within the year.  I snuck in a couple of vacation pictures but they were still within the 5 year time frame.  And with Cade it's even more important to keep the pictures new.  He changes overnight so I don't want the families looking at our book to think Cade is still little and we walk in with a giant 9 year old.  That meant I had to redo all the pictures we had with Cade and our parents.  But we had a good weekend, got to spend some time with Avery and Lawson and I got some pictures of them also.....

Papa Kerry got a new tractor this spring.  I thought his last one was big, but this one is enormous!  Unfortunatley it was too wet to do anything this weekend, but Cade got to ride with him when he pulled it in the barn.  I got a laugh though remembering what we used to do when we were kids....Dad would pick us up at Kathy and Clints on his motorcycle.  Charity would ride in the front and I'd hang on for dear life on the back.  No helmets.  It was the longset 1 mile ride home.  Or we'd hang onto the side of of tractors without cabs bumping along the road.  You'll notice in this picture that Cade's seat has a seat belt.  When Dad started the tractor Cade asked where his belt was because he couldn't find it.  Dad told him he didn't need it because they were only going about 10 feet....things have changed a lot through the years!  Thankfully the importance of farm safety is one of them!

 Mom and Cade....You can tell Cade was hot in this picture, his cheeks are red and he was done with being the subject of a photo shoot! 

Avery's cat had baby kittens sometime around Easter.  Here they are checking them out.  It looks like the Mama cat is ready to swat anyone who is brave enough to stick their hands in the box.

I wanted to get a picture of me with Avery and Lawson.  It's really hard getting two little kids to photograph well.  I love this one because of Lawson's hair.  Finally on Sunday I realized what his nickname should be...Chuckles as in Chuckles the Clown.  He has some wild hair!

Lawson loves tractors!

And who doesn't love a baby squat?

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