Monday, March 14, 2011

A Typical Birthday Week....

I have no idea why, but Cade has been sick on every birthday but 2 in his short 9 years. I don't know if it is the time of year that his birthday is in or what but it is irritating. We have all been very healthy this year and then BOOM it hit this weekend. Poor kid is afraid his friends won't get to come over on Saturday. We have 6 days to get him healthy (and Jay and I to stay healthy!) before his party.

I ended up taking him to the doctor today. He woke up very crabby and in quite a tiz. I think he is definitely turning male in the way he handles a cold/flu....I know Jay never finds it funny but I do...drop a 400lb piece of metal on his toe that causes it to split open and going to the doctor isn't necessary. But he is first in line at the store to purchase cold medicine if it looks like he might be coming down with one. It just cracks me up, but I'm usually the only one laughing in our home...I think Cade has also crossed over to that side.

So I think Cade is starting to get a little dramatic with his illnesses...then with it being this close to his birthday he is even more upset...then when we left the doctors office and it was sleeting that was the last straw. He got in the car, slammed the door and said in his mad cry voice "SERIOUSLY"!! Poor kid. Last years birthday catastrophe of stomach flu and snow has him on edge. I hope he doesn't look out now...from my position on the couch it looks like a blizzard out there.

The doctor isn't quite sure what he has. He thinks (which I do to) Cade has some allergies that kick in this time of year which weakens his immune system and allows him to catch other crud. He also thinks he is fighting something viral but not necessarily the flu. We left with prescriptions for Singular, cough medicine with codine and Tamiflu (just to be safe). Dr D was very understaning when I said we did not want to cancel with his friends again on Saturday.

Cade must be sick...he is actually laying down...this very rarely happens in our house...

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