Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Middle, Math and Football

Does anyone else watch The Middle? It is on ABC Wednesday nights at 7:00 central time. I think it is one of the funniest shows on TV. And I also like it because Cade can watch it with us and there aren't any awkward moments where we have to quickly change the channel. If you happened to catch last nights episode it was one of the funniest ones I've seen. But it happened to be identical our life that very day…

Brick is the little boy on the show who is in the 3rd grade . We've had several people ask us if we watch the show because they think Cade is a lot like Brick. That doesn't bother us because we've thought the same thing. They even look alike – I think it is the hair cut. So last night Frankie (the mom) was going through Brick's bag and it was like déjà vu. The bag was packed full of crap…food, wrinkled papers, books, etc. It looked identical to what I sift through in Cade's bag. Then Frankie pulled out a piece of paper that was very wadded up – Brick got a D on a math test. So that meant they had to start helping Brick with his math homework which they didn't want to do. Every time they helped their kids with homework it never turned out well. The show flashed back to them helping their older kids…which included crying and the parents saying "JUST WRITE IT DOWN". So familiar. The show went on with a battle over math between Frankie and Brick's teacher. Frankie ended up getting in trouble with the principal. She found out they had a file on her that had notes from previous meetings…she jumped to conclusions, over emotional, etc. Again – so familiar.


Yesterday we had an experience similar to that. Cade had a math test. The way our school teaches math puts Jay and I into a tailspin. It is called Everyday Math and I know some schools use it and like it, but Jay and I don't (Sorry Shelley!). Jay has been on a crusade with math this year. Yesterday he talked to Cade's teacher, the elementary math teacher, the Elementary Principal and the Superintendant. I'm just glad he is the one at school all the time so he does all the dirty work and looks like the crazy over involved parent. They probably have a file started on him somewhere…like refused to let the math issue drop, excessive e-mails to 3rd grade teacher, too many phone calls to the math teacher, etc. But I'm the one on the other end of it saying "You need to e-mail Ms. C and ask her…." He's just the one doing all the work. There are benefits to working in the school system your child attends.


Yesterday Jay caught the Superintendant after a faculty meeting. Jay gave him the spill on why this EDM is not working for Cade. Jay also explained that we know Cade is smart and he has the ability to learn, but his math skills do not reflect that. He told the Sup that Cade has memorized all of these NFL facts so we know he can learn. About that time Cade was wandering the HS halls looking for Jay so he walked up to them. Thankfully it was one of those moments where Cade did exactly what we needed him to do. The Sup asked Cade who is favorite NFL team was and Cade answered the Chiefs. So then he asked Cade who the QB was and Cade said Matt Cassel. Then he asked Cade where Matt Cassel went to school and Cade said USC. Thankfully that confirmed what Jay had been telling him.


Last night when Jay told me this story I asked him if Cade knew that the Sup's brother had played in the NFL. Jay said that unfortunately Cade did know. One of the first times Cade met him he said "so did your brother really play in the NFL"? I'm sure he's only been asked that 1M times in his life. Jay was a little embarrassed by it…..and then sometimes there are disadvantages to working in the same school system your kid attends. They are with you all of the time. All. The. Time.


I don't know if ABC has that episode where you can view it but if it does you should check it out. It will give you some insight into our lives every night and it may give you a glimpse into your own future.

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