Friday, March 18, 2011

34 and other ramblings.....

Today I am 34.  WOW.  Not wow as in I'm old, but WOW my 30's are going so fast.  I clearly remember a picture Cade and I took together on my 30th birthday.  Wasn't that just yesterday?  I have no idea why, but looking back on my life it really feels like 30 to 34 has gone way faster than 20 to 24.  I find that to be strange because some of my bigger life changing things happened in my 20', marriage, moving, current job, getting pregnant, etc.  My 30's (so far) have been a time of doing the same thing over and over...same job, same house, same infertility/adoption thing....I'm not complaining at all - I'm just surprised at how fast it is going.  I think though that Cade has a lot to do with that.  My life has definitely sped up a lot since March 19, 2002. 

I need to get my license renewed becasue it expires today.  I was telling my mom I wasn't renewing it until I could get my haircut & highlighted.  I did not want to look at the same picture of my 6 inches of roots for the next 6 years...and then it dawned on me.  The next time my license is renewed I will be 40!!!  My mom said I really did not need to point that out to her.  I guess no matter how old your kid gets, it doesn't get any easier to see them
grow up. 

I will be spending my birthday mucking out our house.  That was not what I had originally planned to do when I decided to take a vacation day today earlier in the month. I am admitting something here today - I am quite ashamed of the state of my house at this moment.  Sunday/Monday I spent most of the day holding Cade while he was sick, Tuesday we had an open house at work so I worked late and I was so exhausted when I got home, Wednesday night I had a church meeting and Thursday I got my 6 inches of roots under control.  That leaves Friday to take care of a week's worth of mess.  This is how bad it is - every night Cade comes out of his room and says he doesn't have any jammies and I direct him to the pile of clean laundry on the couch.  Wednesday night I needed a book I had bought over the weekend for my church meeting.  I could not find it anywhere.  I couldn't decide if it was hidden under a pile of something or if I left it at the doctors office.  Luckily I left it at the drs office (which they had it) instead of losing it in the mess in the house.  I really like a clean house, but sometimes it just gets out of control.  That happens a lot when someone gets sick around our house.  I hope I'm not the only one who looses control of the laundry and mess around their house....or has to move a bunch of crap off the table to locate the box of Tamiflu.  Cade asked me Thursday morning if we were ever going to get this place cleaned up.  I told him we were leaving it so his friends could see it.  He wasn't too fond of that idea.   

We hope to have the extra guests to Cade's party nailed down by today.  Cade surprised me Wednesday night by saying he wanted to add another one.  That would bring the total up to 6 boys (including Cade) I don't know if my nerves or the walls in my house can handle that.  Jay and I weren't sure about adding another one to the mix but Cade said "Please, he seemed in such high spirits when I told him about it".  How can we be responsibile for bringing down a kid's spirit?  Cade really knows how to work us.

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Shelley said...

You are absolutely not alone in the house mess! I find any disraction to this working mom's routine throws our house into utter chaos. We had company from Friday to Wednesday. It's Friday and I'm still catching up!