Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Weekend Trip

This past weekend Cade and I went to B****** with Mom, Charity and Avery. These little trips with Avery are a good reminder for me to be content with my life as it is. As much as we want another baby, I have to admit it was nice having only a 6 year old to take care of. I got to read a book for awhile Saturday morning. Charity didn’t have that luxury. But aside from that there were other reasons…… and sorry this post seems to be long, but there was a lot that happened.

We got there Friday evening and we met at Ruby Tuesday’s. Everything went pretty well during dinner. Then we decided to go to the Landing. Avery likes to push her stroller….with no help from an adult. If you try to help steer her from her course filled with the backs of shopper’s legs she screeches at you. We watched the water show, which was supposed to be neat. It was one song long and Avery got scared. By the time we got in the car that evening we had decided one song of CCR’s Round the Bend set to water and flames was really not worth dragging two kids and a hot pink umbrella stroller around.

The next morning we woke up to rain…that was supposed to last all day. What do you do with two kids in a town geared towards outdoor activities? We were driving around trying to decide and we noticed there was a Croc store at one of the outlet malls. Avery loves her Crocs so I said something about it. I had no idea my boy had such a deep desire to own a pair of Crocs. He really wanted to go to the store – so we did. I’ve never been sure of the idea of Crocs on boys. I think Cade's mentioned it before, but I recessed the memory. We got in the store and it was a rainbow of Crocs hanging on the walls. I don’t even care for the shoes and I have to admit it was intoxicating. There were so many to pick from. Cade was so excited so I let him pick out a pair. He said he wanted blue. There was a navy pair that I tried to get him to look at, but he didn’t want any part of that. He wanted a bright blue pair. Then he wanted a charm to put on them. I tried talking him out of the charm but he was set on it. He is now the proud owner of bright blue Crocs complete with an octopus charm. Something about the Crocs seemed to change his outlook on life the rest of the day – he skipped instead of walked. I can’t begin to describe how funny he looked skipping/dancing down the Landing that evening in a yellow polo shirt with a blue stripe (that matched his shoes), khaki shorts and his bright blue shoes. He was in his own little Croc heaven. The only thing missing was the Zippity Doo Dah Zippity Ay My oh my What a wonderful day song playing in the background.

After the Croc store we took the kids to a pizza place that has games and an arcade and an all you can eat pizza buffet. This is where the day got funny for me, stressful for Charity. Mom dropped us off at the door. We walked in and got over to the side of the room to wait on mom. There was a wooden bench that Charity stood Avery on. Charity was trying to convince Avery to let her put the “ponies” back in her hair. Avery wasn’t sure she wanted them in. There was some discussion between the two of them and then Charity turned around to get something out of the stroller. Somehow Avery slipped off of the bench and fell in the crack between the back of the bench and the seat of the bench. I saw it happen but there was nothing I could do about it. Charity turned back around and Avery was on the floor. We each grabbed an arm and tried to pull her back up, but there was a board going along the bottom of the bench that she had also slipped through. Her head wouldn’t fit back through the bottom board. She was stuck in the bench. A guy came over to help us and he tried turning Avery’s head so Charity could pull her out through the bottom. I stepped back and all I could think of was 1. someone’s going to have to get a saw to get her out of this thing 2. It’s a good thing it wasn’t Cade because we never would’ve gotten his head out. Then the daughter of the guy who was helping came over and tried moving the bench and I thought oh she’s going to pull Avery’s head off. Finally the guy got Avery to turn her head and Charity pulled her out. She was fine, just scared. So Charity and I each sat down on the bench, exhausted from the ordeal and mom walked in at that moment carrying Avery’s pink Dora backpack and asking us what we were doing sitting down. That’s when I started laughing. Then later I called Jay and tried telling him about it, but I was laughing too hard for him to understand. Later that night we were talking about it and I started laughing about it again. Charity said that she didn’t think her child almost getting decapitated by a bench was that funny. It had to have been a one in a million thing for her to have had this happen – I’m laughing just typing this. I guess I can blame it on my weird sense of humor.

Things didn’t get any better for Avery in the pizza place. Charity pulled on a chair that Avery was leaning on and she fell down. The floor was so wet I almost fell twice. It was loud, noisy and no fun for a two year old. Cade had a better time, but I’m not ever going back. We’ve had our fill of pizza/game places for several years.

The rest of the trip went about like the first part – our trips together always seem to turn into one issue after another. Like waiting over an hour for Joe’s Crab Shack and then having Cade cry for most of the time we were waiting on our food because it stunk. Or waiting for 20 minutes for our food at Taco Bell and then I hit Avery’s head on a dryer in the bathroom. We did get to go swimming yesterday at White Water and we had a really good time there. At least with our trips we can say we made memories. When Avery gets married and at her shower if they ask for family members to tell their favorite stories I already have mine. The sight of her sucking on her Nini (pacifier) falling between the boards on a bench and Charity trying to pull her out from the bottom will always be stuck in my mind.

Now I have to add - I hunted up the pictures on the Internet of what Cade got on Saturday. I kept calling this an octopus. He kept calling it a giant squid. Naturally he's right - this is supposed to be the Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean which to him is a big giant squid. How do kids get to be so smart?


Anonymous said...

Even though it sounds like we didn't have a very good time because of the weather and all the other things, I enjoyed myself. It was one of those trips that always make me think of the movie, Christmas Vacation. You know the kind where you have your heart and mind set on how the perfect time should be, but something always messes it up. It was fun though to see the looks on Cade's and Avery's faces at White Water. The water was cold, but to them it was as warm as bath water. Cade would run throuh the falls and come back dripping, but smiling from ear to ear. Avery kept saying, "I Fun" which translates to "I'm having fun"

Kristy said...

So funny. So, is Jay gonna continue to make fun of Corey for his crocs now that his own son wears them? :) CJ has two pair of fake ones...$7.99 at Target, but one pair just ripped, so now we're thinking we got what we paid for! Anyway, they are great because CJ can put them on by himself at 2 and that's a timesaver for me!