Friday, June 13, 2008

Baseball Snapshots

Here are a few pictures from last night's game. I think the kids are ready to be done with the season. Every time Cade batted he didn't even try to hit the ball. He would just swing, twice he struck out so quickly that I didn't even see him bat. All the kids look alike at this age when their wearing a batting helmet so sometimes I don't always realize who's up to bat. I know, that would probably be a red flag to some that I'm a terrible mother.

Cade played catcher last night. If you look closely at the helmet you can tell it's too small for his head. The part that he's supposed to look out of is on his forehead. It's a family trait.

This is one of the few times he actually made a move to go after the ball, most of the time he'd just stand there.

After he'd pick up the ball he'd have to kick some dirt around before he'd throw it to the pitcher.

and my favorite picture of the evening.....the mother duck (or should I say Cardinal) and the baby Cardinals on the way to start the game after a bathroom break.

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Anonymous said...

Based on your posts regarding this season, I think Jay deserves a badge of honor for his efforts! How did the interview for the gifted program go?