Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Charlie Tail

Ok, I thought I’d try to go at least a week before I posted another Charlie story. But it just didn’t happen. The dog is absolutely insane. I’ve got customers who have Corgi’s and they’re not nuts, why is ours so crazy? I know everyone is probably tired of the dog stories, but if you could ever see Charlie in his prime you'd understand.

In the evenings we attach Charlie’s leash to a chain that hangs on a wire strung between two of our trees. I know, it sounds like all that’s missing in our yard is a trailer and rusty cars sitting on concrete blocks. Really though, it doesn’t look bad. Cade was outside playing on the side of the house, probably annoying Charile. He likes to just stay outside Charile’s radius so I’m sure the dog was itching to jump on him. Jay was in the garage using power tools and I was in house looking for some OFF. I heard Cade screaming and I thought Jay was taking care of him. I waited a moment and heard Cade scream again, but then I heard Jay turn the saw on and start using it while our son screamed and screamed.

I heard on a radio show not too long ago that men don’t have the ability to do more than one thing at a time. If they’re working on something, they have no idea what is going on around them. Women on the other hand multi-task all the time, we are constantly aware of what’s going on around us. I think it has something to do with men only being able to use one side of their brain at a time, while women can use both. I had never thought about it before, but shortly after listening to that I saw an example of it in our own home. I really have tried to be more patient with Jay, because I’ve learned that is the way he’s made….but sometimes I forget. Last night was another example – if thoughts showed up like marquee’s Jay’s would’ve said….I’ve got to saw….I’ve got to saw….I’ve got to saw….. Mine would’ve looked like….Gotta find the OFF for Cade, then get out the VBS stuff……I know we have OFF, We need how many teachers this year……Why is Cade screaming, surely Jay will get him……Where did I put the OFF, Who will take care of snacks……Cade’s screaming, Jay’s sawing again…….Why is Jay still sawing…..

So when Jay turned the saw back on, I came running out of the house yelling at Jay and asking him if he even heard Cade screaming. He had a blank look on his face, he had no idea something was wrong with his child. I got around to the side of the house and Cade was crying. Charlie was on the loose AGAIN. Jay grabbed the box of dog biscuits and coaxed him back to the house and then he asked me to go get the leash off of the chain. I got the leash and it was wet. Charlie chewed his leash off of himself. He probably sat there chewing on his leash and plotting his revenge against the little boy who would just get within jumping reach. Unfortunately for him (lucky for us) he got sidetracked from his plan by the big guy shaking the yummy biscuit box.

Jay tied the leash back together and then he went back to his saw. Cade decided he wanted to play with Charlie for awhile. One tug on the leash and Charlie was loose again. He ran right across the road into his favorite fescue field. This time I started yelling at Jay and Cade to bring me the biscuits. I didn’t want to take my eyes off the dog because I knew he’d be gone. I wanted them to bring me the biscuits. I must’ve said Bring Me The Biscuits 50 times. Finally Cade processed it enough to go get the biscuits, Jay just started up the saw again. Cade then got about one step out of the garage and stopped. I really yelled BRING ME THE BISCUITS. Jay must’ve had the saw off finally because he heard that. I got the biscuits and Charlie came back to the yard.

Charlie got his little rear tied up after that. Jay was laughing, wondering what the neighbors thought. Both of our neighbors have their houses up for sale. I told Jay it’s lucky for them they didn’t have anyone looking at their houses right then. I would’ve killed the deal. Who wants to live by someone who appears to be standing still in an empty yard yelling BRING ME THE BISCUITS.

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Jay said...

I don't think that my comment worked the first time. So I would first like to say that I think about way more than one thing at a time. You forgot to mention to the world that I did re do the closet and build two new shelves for mostly your stuff. It is also an unwritten rule that when someone is using the power tools that the other is in charge of the boy and his tiny dog. Also I would like to mention that I have done many other things around the house when all that is on your mind is clean the floor with that cleaner that is louder than a saw. I love you too!