Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer School

Cade started Summer School yesterday as a 1st grader. I'm not sure how this is going to work with the teacher that he has. This teacher was recommeneded to us by his Kindergarten teacher, but I'm not so sure. After going on the Field Trip with them last month I had my doubts....after yesterday we all have our doubts. It's not that she's a horrible teacher because she's not. She just doesn't have a nice voice. Jay and Cade had this conversation yesterday.....

Jay: How was your teacher

Cade: She yells

Jay: Oh really, what happened

Cade: She yelled at a boy, I'm glad it wasn't me

Jay: What did the boy do

Cade: Beats me, but I'm glad it wasn't me she was yelling at

Last night Cade rode home with me from his Baseball game. We had the following conversation

Me: How was Summer School

Cade: My teacher yelled

Me: Why did she yell

Cade: I don't know, but she yells louder than Daddy

...there you have it.....we may need to request the other teacher for next year......

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