Thursday, June 12, 2008

Miscellaneous Information From The Week

This past week Charlie only disappeared once, but we were able to handle that crisis in house. None of the neighbors had to be involved. I watched Jay try to entice Charlie back to our yard by shaking a box of dog biscuits. Charlie really faked him out that night – he ran at Jay full speed until he got within Jay’s reach. Charlie then veered off to the left and ran around the house. That dog is a mess, but Jay’s going to get him back. He’s calling the local vet today to make an appointment for a little procedure (snip, snip)

Cade’s last regular season baseball game is supposed to be tonight (weather permitting), which is a good thing. Last night we played two make up games and I think every one from the kids to the coaches are done. I know by the end of the 2nd game my rear end was done. All of the kids had a hard time focusing. Cade played catcher in the first game and didn’t even attempt to catch the ball. He was too busy kicking the dirt around. Jay about lost his patience. Then Cade kept running over to me and Papa Kerry and Grandma Robyn getting snacks and asking if I’d get him a ring pop after the game. I wish I’d had a picture one of the times when Jay yelled at him to get back over there. Cade was explaining to me that Jessica said they use a gun to pierce ears. Important stuff to know during a ball game.

Jay’s toe seems to be healing nicely, at least as nicely as something that no longer has a toenail can. Cade had a round of strep last weekend, but he’s back to normal and thankfully he didn’t pass it on to me or Jay.

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