Friday, June 20, 2008

The Closet

You may not be able to tell it by Jay's comment, but we really do get along. Our marriage is not in any trouble - we just don't work well together on projects. At least we recognize this. I told him I was going to post pictures of the closet today, but he didn't believe me. The closet has been an example of us not working well together. Most of this goes back to the whole right brain/left brain thing I posted about yesterday. I was trying to make a point that men are wired differently. I found that radio program to be quite informative. I also learned that men can visualize things much better than women. I realize this every time we go on a trip. I look at the mound of luggage and think there's no way that's fitting in the trunk. I can not see it. Jay on the other hand knows it all will fit, he can see where each piece will go.

The closet has been the same way. I haven't been able to visualize a single thing he's said he was going to do with it. He'd have me go to the closet and he'd explain what he wanted to do several times over the last couple of weeks. I couldn't understand it. I told him just to do what he wanted, I knew it would be fine. Last Friday we started on it by dragging everything out of it. Getting dressed around our house has been entertaining - it's like a scavenger hunt. There are about 5 different places that one shirt we want could be lurking. Our hopes were to get the closet done this week and I'd get it put back together tomorrow. Well that's not going to happen. Since I couldn't visulize how it was even going to look, I underestimated the amount of painting I'd have to do. The painting is going to take much longer than I had thought. But once it's all done, it's going to be so nice. Jay built shelves for my shoes - I'm so excited! I'll post some pictures once it's done.

Last night I was in the closet painting and I heard Cade yelling for me and I told him I was in the closet. Jay was on the phone with his dad, so he couldn't hear any of this. This was the first opportunity Cade had to be alone with me last night. Here's how our conversation went.

Cade: I need to tell you something
Me: Ok, what is it
Cade: (his face was bright red) Uh, Daddy got a speeding ticket today
Me: Oh really ( I had to turn around because I was trying not to laugh because Cade looked so stressed about it)
Cade: (he grabbed me around the neck) He really did, I'm not joking
Me: I know you're not, what did daddy say when it happened
Cade: Nothing
Me: We're you scared?
Cade: No, but I thought we were going to jail
Me: Did daddy say how much it's going to cost?
Cade: No

Jay came back in the closet then so I asked him how his day was. He just said fine. So then I asked if there was anything that happened he wanted to talk about - he looked at Cade and then said "what have you heard". It turns out he didn't get a speeding ticket, just a warning. Cade said that it was embarassing because people could see him stopped by the police. When Cade got to school Neilson told him he couldn't beleive his dad got a ticket. I guess that was the scuttlebutt on the 1st grade playground.

Oh so many memories have occured in and because of the closet this week.

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Kristy said...

Seriously, just set up a video camera in a couple places around your house...
We've decided to finish a bedroom in our basement. Corey's about to be "living" down there. Why don't you guys come visit and the men can play with power tools?
Ha ha.