Monday, June 16, 2008

Charlie Meets the Vet

I know a lot of my posts so far this summer have been about our dog. I’m not sure what that says about our life – either it’s very boring or it’s because we don’t know how to control our dog. I remember when we were contemplating having Santa give Cade a dog for Christmas. Every time I thought about it my hands got sweaty. It was harder deciding to get a dog than it was deciding to have another baby. I guess maybe I should have reflected more on those feelings of anxiety over getting a dog. Maybe Somebody was trying to tell me something? Obviously I didn’t listen so now we have a physically small dog, but a giant monster on our hands.

We have decided that fixing Charlie would maybe keep him from running off. I don’t know if anything will help, but it’s worth a try. Since we’d have to be nuts to think about letting the little guy reproduce, we don’t have a problem getting him fixed. Jay called the vet last week to set up the appointment and he found out Charlie had to have shots first. Most of you dog lovers would be appalled to think we’ve had the dog for almost two years and we’ve never taken him to the vet. Jay and I both grew up on farms where pets are pets. We love them to an extent and if they were to die we’d grieve for a day or so and then we’d move on. Charlie does not rank up there with Cade or anything in how we look at him. He’s a dog.

Saturday morning dawned and I got the heck out of the house. I met Charity to go shopping and I let Jay deal with Cade and the dog. Cade loves to watch Transformers on Saturday mornings at 9:30. Charlie’s vet appointment was at 8:45, things were going to be rough around the house and I didn’t want any part of it. After much crying and whining Jay got both Cade and the dog loaded to head to the vet. The minute Charlie got out of the truck he started barking. Jay referred to it as Charlie saying “I’m short, I’m small, I’m here”. I wish I could record his piercing bark so everyone who reads this could experience it. It’s like someone is taking a little hammer and nail and piercing your brain every time he barks. It seriously is a painful experience. Jay said once they got in the waiting room Charlie continued to bark. He was the only dog in the whole place barking. Then Charlie took the biggest leak Jay said he’d ever seen right on the waiting room floor. Jay thought it was at least a foot wide. Jay got to clean it up.

Then they got called back to the room and Charlie continued to bark. When the vet tech came in she even commented on his bark. While she was examining him, she also took his temperature you know where. I remember having to do that to Cade one time as an infant and I remember what it caused. It did the same thing to Charlie. He then took an enormous poop right on the floor after the vet tech left. Jay got to clean that up also. Once Jay got that mess cleaned up Charlie decided he needed to pee so he did that again on the floor.

When the vet came in he asked “Well how’s Charlie feeling today?” Jay had to answer for Charlie. Then the vet looked in his mouth and asked Jay if he knew Charlie had an under bite. Since we avoid getting too close to the dogs face we had no idea. The vet was concerned we wanted to breed him. Obviously he was busy earlier in the morning or he wouldn’t have asked. Charlie actually did pretty well getting his shots, I don’t think he made too much noise. As they walked back into the reception area Charlie spotted an enormous chocolate lab. The chocolate lab eyed Charlie, probably thinking he’d make a tasty appetizer. Jay hurried Charlie out the door before there was a confrontation and tied him into the truck. Jay went back in and paid. For $57 Jay got to clean up two pees and a poo and answer the vet like he was Charlie. Money well spent I say. Jay said the vet kept referring to Charlie as going to be neutered. Jay prefers the term castrated because it sounds more violent. I guess he’s getting Charlie back for the last few months?

Jay’s original plan was to go to our church and work on the flower bed as soon as they were done at the vet. After his experience he had to take Charlie home. At least Cade made it home in time to watch Transformers. All was well in his world again. Jay on the other hand hasn't quite recovered from the experience yet. At least we have to wait a couple of weeks before we get him neutered......that should give Jay time to get prepared.

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