Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adoption Update

You know the saying "No news is good news". In the world of adoption no news news. There has been nothing going on for the last few weeks. Our agency has not been made aware of any new situations. They did send out a quarterly update earlier in the week to let us know how many times our profile has been shown since January. I'm not sure if that number included the times we agreed to have it shown or not. I had asked our Social Worker to include that information in her e-mail back to me, but she didn't. And honestly I just didn't have the energy to bug her about it nor did I go back and re-read all of my e-mails to try and figure out for myself. Rather than obsess over it I'm trying to take the approach of "it will happen when it happens". As busy as this month has been in our household that really hasn't been too hard. There hasn't been time to think about anything besides who's dropping off Cade and who's picking him up. I will be glad when contest season is over. Between Jay's job and Cade's birthday month it makes March Madness take on a whole new meaning in our family.

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Kristy and Corey said...

Thanks for the update...even it it's no news! We continue to think about you guys and pray for you in this time of waiting...but it sounds like you all keep pretty busy!