Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Read anything good lateley?????

Much to Jay's enjoyment (insert sarcasm), I've been a frequent visitor to our local library since the beginning of the year. The problem withchecking out a book is that all I want to do is read it until I'm done with it. But, I can read pretty fast so a book doesn't take me long to finish. I know those of you with small children are jealous of that and I will admit I'm enjoying it. I think I finally reached the point about a year ago where I had time to read. Cade was self entertaining and he was out of the putting things in his mouth stage, so I started up reading again. The problem is I go into the library and I'm slightly overwhelmed. Kind of like when you go to rent a movie - you've seen so many previews of movies that you want to see, but you go completely blank the minute you walk into the store.

That brings me to the title of the post - Have you read anything good lately that you would recommend? I'm somewhat wide on my range of books that I long as they fall in the fiction department. There's nothing like a non-fiction book (especially those political ones that Jay likes)to put me to sleep. Right now I'm currently finishing up James Patterson's Alex Cross series (I'm on book 10 out of 13). It has been good, at least good enough to make me want to stick with the series. I will warn you, if you plan on reading them there are crime scenes described and the language in some parts are not the best. Pretty much it's like CSI and Law & Order rolled into a book. I've also recently read the Beverly Lewis Abraham's Daughters series. It's takes you through several decades in the life of an Amish family. I learned a lot about Amish beliefs through those books.

Another book that I just finished was Can't Wait to Get to Heaven by Fannie Flagg. She is also the author of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. I enjoyed the book because one of the main characters, Norma, reminded me of myself. She was a constant worrier so I could relate to many of her situations. Every morning Norma would wake up and read a note she had posted on her bathroom mirror - Good morning, this is God, I will be handling all of your worries today so go in peace. Every morning she would vow that was what she was going to do. By 9:00 or 10:00 that morning she would snatch them back. Sound familiar?

I know out of the handful of people that read this blog many don't have the time to read. If you do, leave a comment on a good book that you've read lately. I'm always looking for new ideas.


Kristy and Corey said...
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Kristy and Corey said...

I've been reading, "Goodnight Moon," every's a real page-turner! Ha! Actually I have a friend with 5 kids (including a set of triplets!) who's an avid reader and writer...I think she's completed 2 novels (murder mystery...Christian kind) and is working on another. Anyhow, she's putting up a chapter a week of her latest on this blog:
Of course, a chapter a week is a little slow for your pace, but it's the only fiction I've read know, besides Dr. Seuss and the like! Happy Reading...and thanks for the recommendations...I hope to pick up a book one day soon!

Kristy and Corey said...

Ugh...don't you hate it when you look at your comments and it says 2 comments and one of them has been deleted? What was deleted? Was it rude or inappropriate...why was it deleted? Ok, so that's how my brain works. Needless to say, I am the culprit...I accidently posted twice, so I deleted one of them. Sorry for the drama!

CDS said...

Kristy, spekaing of page turners just wait until they get into school. We've been reading books named The Pond and Bird Families. Pretty exciting stuff considering their written so that a 6 year old can read them.

Anonymous said...

Try the James Patterson Women's Murder Club series. It starts wtih First to Die. It's really good as well. His other stuff that's not Alex Cross and not Women's Murder Club is good too. Hope that helps!