Monday, March 17, 2008

St Patricks Day - 2002

Today I'm sitting at work feeling pretty good, wearing a green sweater and reminiscing about this same day 6 years ago. I wasn't feeling nearly as good then and didn't even care that I wasn't wearing green.....

March 17, 2002 was a Sunday. Jay and I went to church and then left before Sunday School started. I wanted to go to work to get a few things finished up so Jay went along with me. He helped me do some filing because some of our files were so huge I couldn’t get them out of the cabinet very easily. I ate Mexican again for lunch, I
was trying anything I could think of. That afternoon we went to the mall to walk (trying to start labor) and I needed to have my wedding ring checked. I have to get it checked every 6 months or my warranty will be voided. My fingers had been so swollen since New Years that I wasn’t wearing my ring anymore. I waddled into Zales with the ring on my pinkie. After the salesperson had checked and cleaned it she told me it was a pretty ring. I agreed and then said how I couldn’t wait to wear it again. She asked me why I wasn’t wearing it – I really thought that answer was pretty obvious, but I told her it didn’t fit at the moment. She told me they could stretch it if I wanted them to. I remember thinking how stupid of a comment that was – surely my fingers weren’t permanently swollen. She did realize I was pregnant didn’t she? Then to add insult to injury Jay said I needed one of those triangles on my back that they put on farm machinery to indicate a slow moving vehicle. Looking back on the day, I had to have looked hilarious. I was wearing the same outfit I had worn the night before and it hadn’t gotten any prettier overnight. I also went for comfort on my feet so I wore tennis shoes. Actually it wasn’t so much for comfort, it was that tennis shoes were the only thing that fit anymore. My Nikes looked like these,

except where the shoe is light blue just imagine bright royal blue ( remember my outfit was navy). Yes, those were also purchased during my pregnancy. Cade was extremely low by this point so walking was quite an effort. I just waddled along at a very slow pace. Of course Jay didn’t realize what it was like, he just thought he was incredibly witty when he came up with the triangle idea. After we left the mall we headed to Wal-Mart to get stocked up so we wouldn’t have to worry about anything after the baby was born. I bought a new pair of shoes that day that I could just slip on. They were white canvas and they were a whole size bigger than my normal size. After I recovered from Cade and my brain went back to normal I realized that the shoes looked like Bugs Bunny’s feet. But at the time I didn’t care, I no longer had to bend over and tie my shoes.

Back to 2008
This weekend Mom had a birthday dinner for me. After we were done eating we sat around the table and talked for awhile. One of the highlights was my maternity wardrobe. For any of you that think I may be exaggerating about my clothes during that time just ask Charity or Mom or even Jay for that matter. We still laugh over some of my selections. I was telling Jay about this series of blogs leading up to mine and Cade's birthdays and we started laughing again about my pregnancy. I asked Jay if he thought things would be different if I ever got pregnant again. He didn't even hesitate with his response - "Nah, you're just the type who swells up, that won't ever change" Doesn't that sound encouraging!

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