Monday, March 10, 2008

Thanks Tim

I never thought I'd say this, but yesterday I was thankful for Tim Russert.

Every Sunday morning I get ready for church with Tim and Meet the Press droning in the background. This isn't by my choice, it's one of the things in life that Jay seems to enjoy so I put up with it. I will admit that I do usually learn something by listening to Tim, but I still wouldn't turn it on of my own free will. Yesterday morning we got up like a normal Sunday morning. We piddled around, looked over our Sunday School lessons, ate breakfast, etc. I looked at the clock about 8:30 and thought that I had about another 20 minutes before I needed to get ready for church. I decided to read a little in my latest library book. Jay went to our bedroom to turn on the Today show which is followed by Meet the Press. All of a sudden I heard Jay yell my name. For a split second I was afraid there had been a disaster somewhere in the country. Jay came running out of our bedroom with a panicked look on his face. He yelled "Did the time change" At that moment I heard Tim Russert's voice coming from the TV. Instead of it being 8:30 it was 9:30, we usually leave for church at 9:50. We went into panic mode, every one running and hurrying around. We did all manage to take showers and look halfway decent and still make it to church only 15 minutes late. Sunday School was just getting started so we were ok. The reason why I'm so thankful that Tim called our attention to the time change is because I made cookies for my Sunday School class. One of the girls had a birthday yesterday so I always give them a "party". I just keep imagining myself walking into church with my basket of cookies and Dr Pepper thinking I was going to SS, but it really being time for church. That would've been So Embarrassing. That's one of the downfalls of going to such a small church. Everyone would've seen me with my basket of goodies and wondered what in the world I was doing. I would've felt like we needed to make an announcement that yes, we really are nuts. Thanks to Jay and his buddy Tim the cookies made it to Sunday School, but the birthday girl was sick. We did decide yesterday that there was one good thing about forgetting the time change - we didn't feel cheated out of an hours sleep!

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Anonymous said...

I almost made the same mistake Sunday night. I had set the clocks ahead for Dad, but I didn't do my own clocks. I did think the evening was going slow, but I just thought it was because there was more daylight. At 7:45 I was waiting for Cold Case to come on, but for some reason I looked at my cell phone and saw the time was 8:45. I had already set my alarm and was ready to go to bed as soon as 9:00 rolled around. Well I did get to see the last 15 minuets of my show.