Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Random Happenings from the Week

Some random things that have occured in our week so far:

  • Tornado touched down in the town where Jay teaches and Cade goes to school
  • I was pretty shook up over the ordeal, but everyone was safe
  • Cade had an appointment with his eye specialist - we are still wearing the patch
  • Jay had to buy pantyhose for one of his students who forgot them the day of a contest - she asked him to buy thigh highs.....tell that to those who think teachers are only employed in a classroom from 8:00 to 3:00 each day
  • Jay called me and wanted to know what Queen Size meant and if that was what a 5'5" girl weighing maybe 110 lbs needed
  • Many jokes have been going around the school concerning the pantyhose purchase
  • Cade informed Jay that mud wrestling is a spectator sport (came out of the blue, not sure where it came from)
  • Cade went on his first field trip to see a play, it was Tom Sawyer

Last week I did some changing with the blog layout and I had the black screen. Jay informed me that he didn't like the black because it reminded him of one of those "bad" sites. Before anyone jumps to conclusions on why he would know what one of those sites looks like, remember he is a public school teacher with a computer lab. I'm sure he's seen way more than he's even told me about. He told me not to change it because I'd have a post where I put all the blame on him. I decided to leave the black after our conversation because I liked it. Now that he's put the bug in my head that's all I can think of everytime I pull up the blog. So here is the post where I put the blame on him and change the color of the background. Kristy had also asked where I got the Pop Art picture that is on the blog. It came from Photobucket. They've just added some really neat editing tools and Pop Art was one of them.

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Anonymous said...

I like the white better than the black because it's easier to read for my old eyes. J has experienced a lot in his young teaching career. Just think what is left to come if he teaches as long as Pampa did. Times have changed, I would never had thought to ask any of my male teachers to purchase panty hose for me. Where did C go to see the play?