Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Catch Up

I think it's been close to a week since I posted anything. I've had a lack of inspiration lately. I've also been doing some goofy things, like thinking one word and typing a completely different word in it place. There may be some of that in this post so I'll apologize ahead of time. Hopefully you'll understand what I'm talking about.

The last two weeks have been busy for us. On April 7&8 Jay had his District Contest, which determines what teams will get to compete at state. That was two days of him leaving the house by 5:00 a.m. and not getting home until midnight. Tell that to those people who think teachers have it so good, they only work from 8:00 to 3:00 nine months out of the year! His teams did really well this year. His Ag Mechanics team placed first at districts and have the potential to do some big things at state. They've left for State Convention today so Jay will be gone until really late Friday night. I'm not sure what days all of his different teams are competing, either Thursday or Friday. One of Jay and Lyle's students was also chosen to be a State Officer. This is the first time Jay has had one of his students picked so that has been exciting. Please remember them in your prayers - I'm always a little concerned when Jay's driving students around. If you ever ridden with him you know what I'm talking about!

Cade has been having the state standardized tests this week. We can't get much out of him except they are "seriously boring". I am curious to see what kind of a score he's going to get. We didn't say much too him about it because we didn't want to get him worked up. The gifted teacher had sent home a letter a few weeks ago about wanting to meet with Cade for a few weeks and then test him before the end of school. She told Jay she tried to meet with Cade last week and he had a breakdown. Mrs L tried to calm him down enough for the two of them to meet. The gifted teacher just did a few ice breaker things with him.....who knows how that will turn out. He's our anxious boy but he comes by it naturally!

I'm probably the most boring of the group. I'll I've been doing is trying to keep up with Jay's schedule. Work has been busy, for an economy that is supposed to be in rough shape we are doing more loans than we have in awhile. I can't keep up with all of the new loan files. That may partly be because the input costs for crops has risen so much people are having to borrow just to buy the fertilizer and seed. But there is a lot of equipment and land being purchased right now so who knows.

There has been no communications from our Adoption agency in almost two months, so still no news. At least 6 times a day I think about e-mailing our social worker just to make sure they know were still here. Then I take a deep breath and push down the urge. One of these days I do need to find out what we have to do to update our homestudy, which has to be done once a year. We're still 5 months away from having to worry about it, but the way the doctors appointments went last year we'll need to start early. Mostly I want to find out if we need all of the bloodwork done again, I'm really hoping we don't.

We have officially been a waiting:
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