Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Little People Incident Update

First of all I want to apologize for some of the crazy typos I've had in some previous posts. I do a lot of typing on my phone and it is really hard to catch all of the mistakes. I also swear the auto correct changes things once I scroll past them. Seriouly - much like how I know it changes words in my texts as soon as I hit send. Then for some reason when I get on a big computer I can only do posts in HTML - which is an absolute pain. If I type on a computer I have to put the paragraph spaces in on my phone. So please, don't think I'm a complete idiot. I did finish HS...even though I had to google "predicate" the other night while helping Cade with his homework....I at least recognize the mistakes, it just almost impossible to fix all of them.

 Secondly I wanted to update you on the Little People situation from Sunday night. I thought I'd save all of you who where gathering your Little People up and planning to hold them hostage from your children until they were 10 some time. I don't think the choking episode went down quite exactly how I first described it. I blame that on Jay (ha ha). He was in no mood to talk or describe with any sort of detail the play by play that I needed when we talked about the incident. He was done. All he wanted to do was watch Argo. I kept making him pause the movie as I drew a word out of him every so often. Finally I gave up and pieced the story together as best I could with the limited amount of informaiton I got out of him. Monday night he was much more talkative and I was able to get the whole story. 

 Error #1 - they were not in the church basement. They were in another part of the church. There was a couch set up facing a TV and there was a table behind it with the pizza's on it. Cade, some other boys and our youth minister were on the couch zoned in to the Xbox. Error #2 - Camryn did not bounce off of the island. She staggered into the couch, bounced off of it, hit the table AND then (rest your elbow on your desk, hold your hand straight up in the air, then drop your hand to your desk) Camryn fell over face first "like a 2x4" according to Jay. He demonstrated it to me exactly like the arm thing described above. Jay picked her up and the Little People was not actually wedged in her mouth. It was stuck in her teeth. Her jaw was completely extended so she couldn't move it anymore to get the toy out. Much like the time I remember getting a toothpick stuck length wise in my mouth. I panicked-which is what she did. Jay said when he picked her up she looked like a roasted pig with an apple stuck in her mouth. Oh and the boys had no idea any of this was taking place directly behind them. 

 She seems to be fine, no worse for the wear. She has been acting normal so I'm going to try to not let myself get concerned about the whole ordeal. But I will be cautious around her when she plays with Little People from now on.

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