Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eggs, Eggs...How Many Eggs Do I Need?

One year at Easter, prior to starting this blog, I remember obsessively counting how many eggs I needed to get through the holiday. I seriously spent a week counting and re-counting in my head how many eggs I would use. I needed some to dye, I needed to make deviled eggs and a many people would be there, how many deviled eggs would they eat. It was awful. I couldn't get eggs off of my mind. I went around all day every day thinking "eggs, eggs, how many eggs do I need."  To solve my problem every time I got close to a grocery store I would buy more eggs. I'm not exaggerating when I say this...I think I ended up with 6 dozen eggs by the time Easter came and went that year. And the funny part of the story...after my cake had been in the oven about 10 minutes I realized I had forgot to put the eggs in it. I took it out of the oven and re-mixed it. Surprisingly it turned out ok. 

I also do the same thing every Thanksgiving and Christmas with butter. I'm constantly counting how many sticks of butter I will need to make everything. Every time I go to the store I throw in a package or 2 of butter.  The fear of running out of butter at Christmas scares me.  It seriously has to be on the list of phobias somewhere.   Usually after the holidays we are good on butter until corn on the cob season rolls around. 

Currently I am doing the same thing with boxes.  Except I'm not just counting them in my head. I'm being forced to count and recount and count again with co-workers. How many do we have, how many do we need, how many will we need to pack our current files. We had a get together with our new Springfield staff in Tuesday. I swear we spent every bit of 10-15 minutes talking about boxes. Ahhh. I have gone over and over and over the boxes. Finally I said if I could order some on my own we would have them within a day or two. It was settled. I was ordering boxes. We could move on....until 30 minutes later. We re-visited the box discussion. Then I got told not to order a bunch of extra...ok...but then everything has to be packed up by noon on the 10th...

I went to work Thursday morning with a van full of boxes. Jade counted them for me and said we had 90. Then I broke the news that we could only use the bankers boxes on the files. The crappy boxes have to be used for our offices. Neither of us were recounting so we just estimated. I had to go back to Springfield today and I bet I talked boxes at least 30 minutes of my time there talking boxes. I am sick of boxes...It really has turned kind of hilarious. Every other word out of some people's mouths to me today was boxes. 

So..our move is in 2 weeks. Hopefully I have estimated fairly close to the correct number of boxes and file space we will need. I am afraid if I haven't some people my loose their faith in my abilities....

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This post makes me a little concerned.