Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Little People Warning

Tonight I met my friend Sandra for dinner and then we went to Starbucks for coffee. We only get to do that once every 6 months or so, so it was fun to catch up. After I got home though I found out I may not be allowed to do that anymore...

I left a little after 1 this afternoon. Before meeting Sandra I ran to Joplin to take care of a couple of errands. Then we met at 4 and I got home at 9. As soon as I walked in I could tell Jay had that look. It is the same look that I have when I've been left alone for too long. The look that says both kids are in bed and I need to sit in the chair with no one bothering me for awhile. I knew something was wrong. 

I asked how Camryn was. He said she was fine. I knew Cade was going through some 11 year old stuff today so that was part of his problem but I knew that wasn't all so I prodded some more. Finally he told me about youth group...

They ate pizza and played video games tonight. Jay kept Camryn with him
all night. They were walking around and she was holding a Little People person. They walked into the church basement and Jay stopped to get a piece of pizza. He said all of a sudden Camryn started staggering around and bouncing off the island like a ping pong ball. He picked her up to see what the problem was. The Little People person was standing up in her mouth lodged between her tongue and roof of her mouth. Jay thinks it scared Camryn so much she held her breath and started to pass out. She wasn't actually choking on it, it was just stuck. Jay quickly jerked it out and then Camryn screamed for 30 minutes. 

Jay told me the story and then immediately turned his movie back on. just told me you think she passed out and then you turn the TV back on???  I made him pause it and go over the story again. Then I had to make sure she was acting normal afterwards. He said she was. After the second telling I decided to leave him alone so he
could de-stress. I do know how he is feeling.

  I also tried to not let it bother me. From the time Camryn was tiny she was a breath holder. Anytime she would get hurt her mouth would open but no sound would come out. It would scare me enough I was tempted to shake her. I've actually seen her start to turn blue from this trick. But then she would finally let out the biggest wail you've ever heard and she would start breathing again.  I know it is common- but it is definitely scary when you see your child do it.  

Leave it to Camryn to take an age appropriate toy and figure out how to make it dangerous. I said "great, now we can't even let her play with those?"  Jay said "oh, I don't think she will ever put them in her mouth again."  Let's just hope we all learned our lesson with the Little People!!

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