Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Bizarre Week

This has been a weird week. On Tuesday  I was thinking about something that happened just the day before but it felt like 10 years ago. 

This week has been a mixture of sad and funny, aggravating and annoying, loud and crazy, etc. We've had some medical issues with a church member and had a funeral dinner for another member.  Camryn ran around with no diaper. Cade had some mood swings and I had a couple of days at work where I either wanted to scream or laugh. Camryn has been obsessed with a book I got at the conference last week- she even took it to Stacy's today.  I also drew the attention to someone who called the school about a Facebook comment I made. I knew I shouldn't have posted it - it was nothing vulgar or anything like that, but someone didn't like I will try to not have separate opinions from others from now on. Jay got a letter from the little girl who irritated him a couple of weeks ago. They are hung in a place of honor on our fridge. 

Back to the Facebook comment- I'm still irritated about it but I'm trying to channel my inner Christian spirit and not harbor a grudge.  But it is hard.  I keep revisiting It over and over...but I have to let it go. It to shall pass.... 

And today is only Thursday...

Please ignore the chips on the floor that are on top of a huger water spot. She had spilled a big cup of water earlier in the evening. 

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