Monday, September 16, 2013

A side note to the day in the life...

This has been a strange day. It started out fine but them got a little crazy towards the end. I also forgot to mention Jay talking to Cade's teachers- which means we will probably be marked again. We've been marked all through elementary. But the crowning moment of the day was when the locks got changed in the school doors and Jay is now locked out of his shop. He has taught there since 2001 and he no longer can go in his shop door. We were talking about the amount of homework Cade has and Jay said he agreed there was too much...but what does he know since he doesn't even have a key to his shop. Is it just me or do people not use their heads anymore?  I told him to try to let it settle out on its own. Surely something that stupid will eventually take care of its self...But the principal did finally see that Lyle might need a key to the meats lab. Do the teachers work for a school or a prison?  I may need to sharpen my pencil and write few letters. 

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