Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to Work

I have to take a moment here and unwind from the morning. We had a good weekend. I got some things done around the house yesterday that made me feel better about the work week ahead. 

This morning started out really good...then at 7 am we lost electricity. I had eye shadow on one eye and my hair wasn't fixed...fun times. Jay has been having problems with the electricity to our barn and since I'm an habitual worry wart I was afraid we had blown something up at our house. I grabbed some flip flops and went to the neighbors to make sure it wasn't just us. It wasn't. Whew. I came back to the house and used my cell phone to gather up the rest of my eye utensils and stuff to finish my hair, along with clothes for Camryn. My plan was to head to the office and finish up there. Right before I got in the van I did at least remember I was wearing flip flops so I ran in and changed....which was really good considering one was black and one was navy. 

I pulled into the office at 7:30 and unfortunatley the loan officer was there. Drat. We've had some major issues with a loan this past week and I knew he was there because of that. Normally he wouldn't have been here that early on Tuesday. The thinig about the loan officer is that he is a really great guy. Really great....except when he is cranky. When he is cranky watch out!!! Today was a cranky day due to the problems with the loan mentioned above. I walked in looking lopsided since I had makeup on one eye. I probably also looked sick since that is how I look when I don't have on eye liner or mascarea. And it probably looked like I was badling since my already limp, flat hair was still really limp and flat considering I had done nothing but dry it a few minutes ago. He looked up and seriously had a look on his face that said "what the h*** is she doing here" when he saw Camryn. I know he was afraid that she was sick and I was going to tell him I wasn't working today. I quickly tried to explain about the electricity and that I just need to finish getting ready. I'm not sure that he listened because he went into what I needed to do immediately then he said "well I guess I'll just do it since you'll still have to take her to the sitters." Ok...taking Camryn to the sitters was the least of my problems. I looked like a Zombie!!!! And Camryn was in a full diaper wearing her pajammas. Yeah, driving 2 minutes to Stacy's house was not what I was concerned about!!!! I decided not to mention that I'm kind of afraid she might be getting bronchitis. Some things are better left unsaid.

 I got ready and got Camryn delivered to Stacy's and was back before 8...which is my normal start time anyway. As the loan officer was leaving Pam was coming in. She mentioned to Darrell that she didn't feel good all weekend and her blood pressure was high. As soon as he left I told Pam that work was not the place to be today if her BP was high!!! Oh - things are always entertaining around here.  At least we can laugh about it...

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