Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cheetos for Breakfast

I've really missed blogging this summer. This is one of my favorite hobbies and it has really taken a backseat this summer. I'm hoping that I can get back into it as we transition into fall. But then Stacy texted me and said Camryn may or may not have drunk a bottle of immitation vanilla....At this rate I may not get anything done for the next 18 years!!!

 Last week I was reading a Christian article on how mother's really let themselves be influenced by seeing other types of mother's and thinking we don't measure up to what they do. They had some different types specifically mentioned in the Crunchy Mom, Magazine Shoot Mom, etc. Actually those are the only two types I remember but I know there were more. I probably don't remember because I was too busy trying to decide what kind of mom I am. Today it finally came to me....I am Split Personality Mom. They didn't mention that type of mom in the article probably because Split Personality Mom has so many issues it couldn't be addressed in a few short paragraphs. So I'll try to sum up what all of this means.....

 Sometimes I will have all my clothes ironed and laid out in the order I will be wearing them for the upcoming week...then other times I spend weeks digging through a pile of clothes on my closet floor because I don't take the time to hang them up. Right now I've been digging through the same pile since the picnic. I have yet to actually hang any of them up.

 Sometimes I will have all of our meals carefully planned and prepped prior to the week starting....other times we eat out constantly because I'm so unorganized and the fridge is packed so full from the leftovers from the "all together week" that need to be thrown out. It overwhelms me. 

 Sometimes at work I've got things carefully written in my planner and my desk is clear except for the orgnized stack....other times (like now) I've got piles everywhere, notes scribbled on any piece of paper I can find and my calender isn't even flipped to the right week. This mess is intensified about a million times due to our move that will take place in a few weeks.

 Sometimes I am a neat freak (actually I used to be one, now I'm mostly resigned to the fact our house will be a mess most of the time). But when I finally manage to get it cleaned up I am a micromanager of all stray items in the least for a day or two. Then I realize that I might as well be walking up a hill carrying a 30 lb weight. Oh actually I do do that most of the time - which is why I give up on the house. So if you want to stop by our house do it on a Sunday or Monday. After that there may be shoes on the kitchen table (from bringing in an armload of crap from the van) or unmade beds or a pile of Camryn's dirty clothes left where we change her

Sometimes I worry about what we eat and how unhealthy it is so I make breakfast every day. I usually get that feeling when I also decide I yell about needing to hurry out the door in the mornings too much....then the first day of school Jay drove a bus. I spent the morning herding everyone around. I stood at the door and yelled at Cade to hurry and we'd get him something at the gas station for breakfast...

Last week was definitely one of those unorganized, stepping over piles of laundry kind of weeks. Then to make matters worse Jay had to drive a bus one morning. All I wanted was to get out the door, without yelling, no tears,
deliver both kids with all necessary personal items on their bodies AND make it to work on time.  It was a tall order...everything was going good until Camryn spied a single serve bag of Cheetos. On one hand I was "all together mom who was going to be on time" and on the other hand I was "just get the heck out the door mom". I quickly stepped over the laundry so I could open the Cheetos for Camryn. 

Cade rolled his eyes and said "Cheetos for breakfast??"  This from the boy who drank a gazillion gallons of diet pop with my grandparents at this age. I know he is developing his list of "things I won't do when I'm a dad."  Apparently no junk food in the mornings is one of them. I hate to tell him this but his personality is 90% me...which means he will be cooking his kids a healthy breakfast while they are digging through piles of laundry...or not yelling at them to get in the car but feeding them junk food to get their cooperation on a hectic morning.  Yes...I may not have it all together but at least things are never boring...or predictable around here. 

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are back to blogging too because I missed it. Some days I would need a chuckle or smile and check the blog and nothing there. Your kids are so cute and I love reading about them. Mine are grown and not much funny comes from them now!