Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The other day's of last weekend

Friday night was Jay's FFA banquet.  And we all breathed a sigh of relief!!!  I know Jay is relieved to get through that night every year.  My dad was able to come so we were glad to see Papa Kerry that night.  Memo and Papa Jim also made it.  We started out with crayons to keep ourselves occupied....

That lasted until the meal started.  I always wait until the end to go through the line.  When Camryn saw the other people bringing in their food she kept asking where her plate was at.  Finally, she is starting to eat more normally.  After the meal the awards part started and she got a little restless.  I'm not sure if she is quieter than Cade or I just don't care what she does - but I would spend every banquet in the halls with Cade letting him run.  I don't think I sat through one until he was 5.  Jim took Camryn for awhile and let her walk up and down the bleachers.  Then towards the end she was running between our table and the next table up.  Jim would step in front of her so she wouldn't go all the way to the front then she would laugh really loud and repeat the process.  I didn't care.  When it was over she asked "are we done yet".  So you won't think I'm playing favorites by not having a picture of Cade I didn't know where he was at 99% of the time.  Two of his friends were there so he sat with them.   

Camryn's birthday party is the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  Jay and I both have some projects we'd like to complete by then.  Since Jay's are outdoor projects he worked on his during the day and then watched Camryn for me during the evening.  I decided to go to Springfield during the day to get her birthday party supplies.  It dawned on me that morning I rarely have taken her shopping like that by myself.  I'm either with someone or Jay keeps her.  I had taken Cade a million times by myself by age 2.  I don't know why I haven't taken her as many times.  I wondered if I'd get much accomplished but she did really great.  It was a fun day.  I need to start getting her used to the mother/daughter shopping trips. 
With all of the birthday talk though she was a little confused.  When you ask her what she wants for her birthday she will tell you Birthday Cake!  When we got to Springfield that morning she started crying for birthday cake.  So what did I do?  Find the nearest cupcake shop of course! 

This girl loves chocolate!  We looked all the cupcakes over very carefully, but she always came back to the Oreo Creme.  Once we sat down she kept saying "you eat to".  One time I put my fork down and she handed it to me and said "eat".  The icing was really rich.  I think she ate about half of it.  She took one last bite of the frosting and gagged.  She looked at me and said "I'm done."  It was really good but I felt the same way. But then when we got in the car she said "ready to eat."  I told her we'd just ate.  She wanted more birthday cake! 

After the cupcake store we went to Hobby Lobby.  She was so patient with me while I looked and looked.  Her phrases in that store were:
Whatcha doin' Mama, Mama wattcha doin
Sing Mama, Sing Twinkle Star (so I softly tried to sing)
Louder Mama!
Sing Little Einstiens
I need down
Oh my goodness gracious
Time to eat!
Want to eat outside

After Hobby Lobby I knew we needed lunch to counteract the bag of sugar we'd ate earlier.  Since she requested outside we went to McAlister's. It was pretty breezy but she really enjoyed it.  She sat there so good and played until our food came.  After we got our food she sat and ate for 45 minutes!  She also fed her sandwich bread to the birds.  

After lunch we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond.  She was not happy about their cart colors.  She wanted a blue one.  She was much happier at Marshall's because theirs were blue.  After that we ran into Wal-Mart and headed home.  I think we spent more time eating that day than anything else but that was ok.  I enjoyed some one on one time with her doing girl things.  If she had been a little older I probably would've thrown a pedicure in there to :) 

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