Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Exercising the Pigs

I mentioned that in my last post and then realized not every one would understand that. I didn't know what it meant until a few days ago. Apparently show pigs need to be exercised to build up their muscles. Saturday was the first time Jay turned them out. Terry and Megan were there so that meant there were two more people to help in case all heck broke loose. It ended up being no big deal. Bonnie and Clyde are so fat and out of shape they try to put themselves up during their evening walks. Poor Clyde was panting last night after walking 15 minutes. But what can you expect with their feed trough flapping non-stop. 

Megan took this cute picture of Charlie, Cade and Bonnie Saturday night. 
Oh and we got 23 more baby chicks Friday morning. The post office called at 6:15 am and said they were there. Jay ran up and got them before they had to ride around in our letter carriers car. I'm
Sure she appreciated it to. That brings are chicken total up to somewhere around 50.  These will be for Ozark Empire. Cade will show the first batch next Saturday and then within the week those will be off to the Amish butcher. 

I ask myself daily when I lost control....


Anonymous said...

You haven't lost control . Wait who were you trying to control ? J

Anonymous said...

Just ride the wave !