Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Comments from Cade

I feel like the blog is somewhat lopsided right now with Camryn getting most of the attention.  Part of that is I know Cade wouldn't want a lot of his story's being blogged about right now....like the fact they had a puberty video at school a couple of weeks ago.  I decided keep that one a secret(except of course I just let it out of the bag).  Also, he isn't whipping things out right and left like he used to.  And sometimes what he does say is so far above me I don't really understand him.....much like Sunday's comment. 

I started DVRing Call of the Midwife on PBS last fall.  I love it for some odd reason. It bores everyone else in my family to tears so I have to sneak it in between their quality entertainment like Little Einstens, Gold Rush and Duck Dynasty. I get a lot of flack when I try to watch my hour long show once a week.  Sunday evening there was nothing else on and I was tired of listening to all the other junk that had been on all weekend.  About 8 pm I took control of the TV and decided to watch the last show of the season.  As a side note it usually is better to watch it when no one else is around.  I have a hard time understanding British accents so with the added noise of Jay and Cade making fun of me and Camryn yelling I had the volume up to about 95.  But back to the story.....as I was turning it on Cade said "you know if Mitt Romney was President you wouldn't be able to watch this show."  I wasn't tracking him so I asked what he meant.  Cade said "He was going to pull the funding for PBS so you wouldn't have been able to watch Call of the Midwife."  I thought it was pretty clever.  Then when Jay came in and made his  obligatory comments about the show Cade said "Dad, too bad Mitt Romney didn't win."  It even took Jay a minute to figure out what Cade was getting at. 

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the noise of your wild screaming trying get everyone to quite down.