Monday, May 20, 2013

First Cattle Show

Saturday we went to the first cattle show of the season.  Since Cade isn't playing baseball this summer our plan is to try to hit more cattle shows than we normally do.  This one was at Fair Grove and boy did it get hot that afternoon!  Cade is showing a heifer that belongs to Megan and Terry and a bull calf that belongs to Jim and Sharon.  Jay and I have the absolute worst luck with cattle.  Jewels was supposed to have had one for Cade to show but it was born prematurely and still doesn't seem like it's much bigger than Charlie.  Then Jewels was supposed to have been bred again but she came back into heat she lost a calf at some point.  I think she might be visiting the sale barn   big happy barnyard in the sky some time soon. 
Camryn was pretty excited about the day....she was outside and around cows.  How much better could it get?

Then she discovered the trailer.  Her latest obsession is Little Einstein's so this was her rocketship.

Cade acting goofy like normal for the camera
Shortly before the show started Camyn asked to take a nap.  We didn't have any place to put her except the truck.  Well you can guess how that went over.  It was free range in the truck time instead of nap time.  She kept finding the Oreo's no matter where we hid them.

By the time they got to the Herefor part of the show Camryn was through with it all.

Finally Bubba got in the ring and that kept her occupied for about 10 seconds

Then it was time for the bulls and Camryn was through.  She walked up to the bull calf with no fear, but then it bawled right in her face.  That reduced her to a crying mess and we had to get out the bottle because her screams were causing everyone to looks at us.

Two things Saturday reinforced.....
1.  Since we couldn't make it farther than the gas station at Halltown without having to stop we will not be going on a long trip this year.  She was crying for more milk.  We stopped to get more and then she started crying to be let out, she was stuck, etc.  Definitley not traveling with that this year.
2.  If we go to the State Fair it will be for 1 day.  I will not leave work and spend 4 days there with her.  There is no grass to lay in there and the alternative is just gross. 

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