Friday, April 19, 2013

State FFA Convention

Jay is finally in his way home from another convention. Thank goodness! It seems like he has been gone forever. They did pretty well this year. Of course for Jay and Lyle it has for them to admit it. They'd always like to get 1 more on the stage. I can't remember all the placings but most of the teams placed very high. Ty won Prepared Public Speaking Div 1 which I think that is the same one Samantha won 5 years ago. Jay's Ag Issues team also got on the stage and ended up 5th. Jay was actually pleased with that since this was his first year for that one.

This morning I was already going to be a little late because I had to take Cade. I ended up being about 10 min later on top of that. It was a nightmare. Camryn has a lotion fetish and she pumped out what seemed like half a bottle before I found her. Then she rubbed her allergy itchy eyes with her lotion hands. There were a lot of screams this morning. I barely slowed down so Cade could jump out of the car. He was afraid he was late. I told him he was fine and sped off. I thought he was fine but I did watch my rear view mirror to make sure the door wasn't locked.

While all that was going on at home Jay was "goofing" around Columbia... It is sad that when Jay is gone on these trips the only way I know what he is doing is through Facebook. He usually is too busy to call home. Apparently he met Uncle Si today LOL!!

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