Monday, April 22, 2013

A Hog Filled Weekend

 Cade's birthday extended into this past weekend.  See, I told you not to feel sorry for him!! We had a tough time coming up with a present idea for him.  Since Jay gets every Razorback update known to mankind he got an email early in March that sounded perfect for Cade.  I'm sure most schools are the same since I read "per NCAA guidelines" several times on the paperwork - but we enrolled Cade in the Jr Razorback Association for $20.  I'd definitely check it out for other colleges because it was a great experience for Cade.  For our $20 he got a birthday card signed by the basketball coach, a t-shirt, 4 free tickets to any event except a football game, a free pass for himself to any baseball game, a special autograph time with the baseball team and an on field experience at the spring football game.  It normally runs from August to June and we signed him up late this year.  I'm sure they have other events for the kids in the fall and winter.  We will definitely sign him up earlier next year.  We may even sign up Camryn so she can go on the football field next spring.  Each kid can take one adult so Jay was also thrilled to be on the field Saturday.

Headed to the game on the shuttle.  Since we knew there was no way we'd be able to get one on the way out of the game we took advantage of it.  Especially since going is uphill and leaving is downhill!  This was Camryn's "smile" for the camera.

Cade was ready for the day!

By this point Camryn was sleepy and a little out of sorts.  We stopped to smell the flowers while Bubba and Jay waited to watch the players walk into the stadium.

I'm not above using food as entertainment.  She loved the popcorn.

Jay and Cade down on the field.

It isn't a game without a picture with Tusk.

Surprisingly Camryn and I lasted the whole game. She did fall asleep while Jay and Cade were down on the field making a tunnel.  When they got back to the seats I had to take Camryn out.  I don't understand why the older I get and the more natural padding I get the more my butt hurts on the bleachers.  Then when you add in another 25+ pounds of dead weight on top of that it really starts to hurt.  Cade decided that he was also hungry and wanted Pizza Hut at that moment.  I had to walk halfway around the stadium carrying Camryn asleep in my arms and wearing the backpack which probably weighed another 10+lbs.  When we finally got back to our gate I found a chair outside and sat there until Camryn woke up.  My rear was much happier.   There happened to be a slide display set up outside our gate so when Camryn woke up she played and played on it.  We also walked around for awhile.  Right after half-time we went back to the stadium.  It was starting to clear out so she had more room to roam.  All in all she was extrememly good. 

The walk back to the car though was another story. I usually don't mind walking at all for anything.  We've taken plenty of vacations where you walk constantly (DC and Disneyland) and it never bothers me.  BUT Saturday I was done with walking.  We didn't have her stroller and it felt like a 10 mile excursion to get to the car.  And of course only Mama can do it right now so I had to carry her for most of it.  I probably could've survived except I dressed for fashion instead of comfort - I mean we were at a SEC event so there was no way I was wearing tennis shoes.  For some reason it felt like the insides of my sandals were covered in sand paper.  So every step down was my weight + Camryn's weight down on sandpaper.  It was great.  I'm also a very fast walker usually, but Jay and Cade were even leaving me in the dust.  When we finally got to our parking lot I was about 5 spaces away from our car so I stopped and waited for them.  Except Jay pulled up beside me on Cade's side so I still had to walk around the car to put her in.  As much as I dislike my car I was sure glad to see her that afternoon.   

Even though Camryn was great during the football game I had already decided to skip the baseball game Sunday afternoon.  If I hadn't already decided that the horrendous hike to the car would've made me change my mind.  Jay and Cade had a great time at the game while Camryn and I had a great time hanging out with Nana.  It was win-win for everyone.

It was a beautiful day for a game.  The boys even got a little pink.

Cade got all but 1 players autograph. 

We are going to hang his jersey in his room.

While Cade and Jay were gone Camryn ate like a dog.  I've always wondered if I put her food on the floor if she would eat better.  Nasty stuff off the floor seems to be one of her favorite food groups.  We caught her trying to eat a chip off the floor of the stadium Saturday.  What's worse is that we didn't even get Nachos that day....

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