Friday, April 26, 2013

Is the weather getting to anyone else???

I think I'm in a phase right now. I'm blaming it on the weather. I'm tired and half crazy feeling. Yesterday I had the urge to run away from work screaming. I don't want to deal with any one's problems. Hopefully this will pass quickly! I'm ready for some warm sunshine. I don't want to complain about the rain because I'm so thankful for it. I worried about our well last summer and got pretty stressed if Jay forgot to shut it off after watering the cows. It is nice to know it is filling up again.

So to combat this I'm trying to search for party ideas for Camryn's 2nd birthday. It will be a Mickey/Minnie mouse theme. Yes, I am one of those birthday over doers....if you haven't figured it out. I just love putting parties together. I also love celebrating my kids birthdays with our families. So when you put the two together it is a great time for me to go crazy. There are so many great Mickey ideas on Pinterest that it is hard to decide what to do.

The only thing I do know is that Camryn's party will be indoors this year. I don't know how someone plans an outdoor wedding. Between the intense heat and the wind wrecking havoc with my decorations I was ticked off! I got so mad when my tablecloths and napkins would not lay down that I taped the napkins to the table. I couldn't imagine fighting the weather on my wedding day.

I'm also painting our bedroom tomorrow. I find painting to be very calming so I'm really looking forward to it. After our room is done the only room not freshened up in the last few years will be our family room. You think your paint looks ok, but then once you get closer to it you can see 8 years of wear on it. I took our bedroom boarder down this week and couldn't believe the color difference. Yucky!  So my advice is if you don't want to repaint don't look too closely at your walls!   I'm going with a completely different color than I ever have before.  .  I'd never even entertained the idea of these before. They are cool colors - more gray to them instead of warmer brighter colors that I've always gone with.  I'm hoping it creates a relaxing atmosphere. Goodness knows that would be helpful right now.

The two top colors will be the wall colors and the red color is what I will use for accents. I can't wait to start putting it on the walls tomorrow. I just hope I love it as much as I think I will.

And this is the new bedroom set.  I really hadn't intended to redo our bedroom but I saw this in February and really jumped out at me.  It was also really on sale at the time and I also happened to have a Macy's gift card from my Dad that I used.  It's has been shoved behind my bed since February just waiting to be used.  Hopefully Camryn's diaper doesn't leak the minute I put it on the bed....

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Life is better on this end because Hallelujah Praise God, FFA Contest season is OVER!!!! My husband can start acting like a human being again and not some angry monster.