Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Birthday/Happy Easter

We rescheduled Cade's party for last Saturday.  Since my dad's birthday is today we also got a birthday cake for him.  Janella did a great job on them.  Cade didn't want a "theme" this year, but he did want a Hereford.  We surprised him by adding in his pig, Bonnie the Blue Butt.  Counting the four of us we had 18 people in the house that day.  It was a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed the afternoon with everyone. The weather cleared off and we were able to have an egg hunt in the afternoon.  Then we colored eggs.

I was taking this picture of Avery with Cade because she made him that card.  I love how I also got Camryn shoving the cheese puffs in her mouth.  That was a present to Cade from Nana but Camryn demanded they be opened then and there.

The Birthday Boys!  I added the rabbit and easter nest to Dad's cake.  My grandma used to make one like that every Easter.

The 4 grandkids

Camryn thought I was too slow at serving the cake so she helped herself

and again

...and again and again.  You can see her spoon marks in the side of the Papa Kerry's cake.

Guys, the pink is not working.  The pink is not working.... said Avery no less than 700 times.

This egg thing isn't all that exciting, especially since they scream every time I grab one of those cups with the colorful liquid.  I think I'll just take my bottle and catch up on Facebook.....

I forgot about these pictures.  On Cade's birthday Sharon had Janella make Cade a cake.  So if you are counting he ended up with 2 cakes and 3 special birthday dinners.  Not to mention presents on his birthday, in the mail and again on Saturday.  Yeah, he wasn't neglected at all! 

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