Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy (Very Belated) Birthday Cade

I did start this post before Cade's birthday. I didn't get to finish it due to all the random puking around our house that week. Then last week I was busy getting ready for his big extravaganza. So it may look like I'm an awful parent and Cade may tell you he had a terrible birthday - but the boy did not suffer any damage from his spread out birthday just pretend like you are reading it on March 19th....

Today is Cade's 11th Birthday.  It is hard to believe it was 11 years ago I drove to work in Carthage, in labor!!!  Jay and I both thought it was a false alarm so he took kids out to S&H to look at equipment.  The life of an ag teacher - nothing interferes with your teams, not even labor.  Since it was way back in 2002 we only had one cell phone.  Jay took it with him and I drove to work alone....Thankfully my parents were able to pick me up that afternoon.  Mom drove me home to meet Jay.  Did I mention my car was also on empty and we had to stop for gas while my pains were 3 minutes apart???  And we were in Carthage and my doctor was in Springfield?? And we had to stop at our house to get Jay which was a 20 minute detour. We were young and dumb!!  But it turned out ok.  Cade was in no hurry to get here.  He is still like that.  Most of the time he operates in snail mode!

You see blogs that have their kids stats on them so I thought I would do that for Cade today.....

Cade as of your 11th birthday.....
 You weigh over 100 lbs!!
You are about 4ft 11inches.  You are just a little shorter than Memo right now.
Thankfully you don't wear diapers anymore so I can't record that size.  I'm not sure about your underwear size because I forget to buy you new until I realize your old ones are so tight they give you lovehandles.  Better check on that today.....
Your shoe size is 8.5.  I can wear both pairs of boots that Memo and Papa Jim and Papa Kerry gave you for Christmas.
You can wear kids XL or adult S/M shirts and athletic shorts
I recently bought you size 18 jean shorts and expected them to be a little big.  They weren't.
You are eating a ton right now!  Of course junk food is still your favorite - you have learned to enjoy some heatlhier options.
You love your pigs.  You enjoy watching them root around.
You still enjoy history.  Reading is not your favorite subject.  Not that you can't read, but you can't find a book that will hold your attention.  Right now we are reading Farmer Boy so you can do a better job at meeting your goal for the 4th quarter.
All in all you are a great kid and I can't believe how fast you are growing!  You definitely aren't physically my little boy anymore....but you still will always be my little boy so get used to it! 

And this is how me and the kids celebrated my 36th birthday.  Camryn puked again.  Cade and I ate pizza from Caseys and watched Here Comes the Boom and the 3rd Madagascar.

Camryn bounced back quickly after she got sick the last time and worse this hat around yelling "I ride a cow" all night long.

This is how Jay found us when we got home and surprised me with a cake.  Most of the time I don't mind Jay's job and I don't mind having him gone on my birthdays...but I told him after spending my 36th alone with a sick kid I'd like to pick up every kid who doesn't try, or show up,  or is just plain lazy by their collars and slam them into a wall.  That also goes for the parents who don't care enough to get their kids where they need to go or show up for the end of the year banquet for heavens sake.  Yes parents and kids be thankful you didn't meet me that night!

Now you can pretend you are reading in real the 19th progressed things continued to go downhill for Cade's birthday.  Jay had a work thing, I had a work thing so Memo was supposed to pick up the kids and take Cade out to eat. Camryn threw up when Memo got there.  They weren't going to out!  Cade stayed at work with me.  Later that night I got the flu.  Between that and the bad weather we were expecting that weekend we postponed Cade's party until the Saturday before Easter.  He was disappointed but we tried to make it up to him.  We took him to Branson to see the Titanic and to a seafood buffet. 

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