Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Sunday

We don't really have any set traditions for Easter.  Usually the men at our church will prepare breaksfast and then after services what we do is usually different from year to year.  Some years we've spent it with my side, sometimes with Jay's.  A few years we even stayed at our own home.  This year we did have our church breakfast and then we spent the afternoon with Jay's family. 

I love Easter.  I also love Christmas because of the anticipation of it.  But then once it is over it is a little bit of a letdown.  Once Christmas is over the only thing on the horizion is January and February....not my favorite months.  But with Easter there is no let down.....once it is over we have spring and summer and the end of contest season to look forward to!!  I also have a lot of great memories from my chlildhood of Easter....dress shopping with mom, grandma and Charity, Easter sun-rise service at one of the 3 churches in my hometown (I think I was in college before I realized people were any other demoniation besides Christain, Baptist or Methodist), Easter Egg hunts at my Aunt Helen' many great memories.
This is the only picture I was able to take of Camryn in her Easter dress.  I put something else on her until we ate breakfast then I changed her.  We were in Sunday school and she must've have saved every bit of liquid she had drank for 2 days for one shot.  She soaked herself and part of my pant leg.  So no cute little dress pictures for us this year. 

Daddy was reading her a Veggie Tales book.  When she says it, it sounds like Veggie Town.

I used a lot of gel, scrunching, hairspray and a diffuser to get her curls to stay that morning.

We don't do the Easter Bunny.  It isn't because I'm afraid that if they believe in Santa or a Bunny that they won't believe in God.  It is mostly because the thought of a giant rabbit sneaking around completely creeps me out.  I will put a screaming baby on Santa's lap and get a good laugh from the picture - but I will never subject my child to a man in an overgrown rabbit suit.   I think my fear goes back to an episode of The Jefferson's where they were held up in their apartment by a man wearing a pink bunny suit.  I was a little uneasy the two times I went into the mall this spring and had to walk by the giant rabbit set up. 

Since we've never made a big deal about the Easter Bunny coming we always wait until after church to get into the Easter Baskets.  My kids don't seem to care....Cade still has to be drug out of bed on Christmas Morning!  Usually the baskets will make an appearance from our car trunk that afternoon. 

This year with Easter being so early and our bithday's being spread out so far I was a little behind on my baskets.  Camryn got a book and candy and Cade got an Uncle Si t-shirt, candy and coke.  It was pretty low key but they seemed to be happy with it.

Memo and Papa Jim knew exactly what Camryn wanted - more cheese puffs!

The sign of a great holiday!

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