Thursday, November 1, 2012


Cade was never really  "in" to Halloween.  His first one he was 7 months old and he cried almost the whole time he wore his Dalmatian suit.  A miserable night was had by all.  The next year Jay and I (were idiotic first time parents) took Cade, at 16 months, to National FFA Convention.  We were gone over Halloween so I didn't even bother with a costume. 

The year Cade was 2, I got pretty excited about Halloween.  Cade loved Elvis so I thought buying a (very expensive) Elvis costume would be the cutest thing ever.  He wore it once to walk around the square in Nevada a couple of days before Halloween and whined the entire time.  By Halloween night he was refusing to put it on and would scream every time I tried.  No trick-or-treating was done that year either. 

The year he was 3 I tried a different approach.  I thought that maybe if Jay and I would both dress up (which I am actually a closet costume lover) Cade would be more apt to wear one.  I ordered Cade and I costumes from Disney even.  I was already going through some infertility things at that point and I thought what the heck - I'll spend $$ to be Minnie Mouse.  So Cade was supposed to be Captain Hook, I was Minnie Mouse and Jay (who hates all things related to costumes) really stretched himself and went as a cowboy.  That night when I got home from work I could hear crying coming from the bedroom - Cade was refusing to wear his costume.  I almost lost it.  I remember wanting to scream just put the *&^& costume on!  Thankfully Jay took a better approach and got him to finally put it on.  But in every picture we have Cade has his foam hook in front of his face.  Finally after that year things got a little easier.  I decided not to buy him one until he asked for it, which he finally did the year he was 4.  But it was just never something he got really excited about.  He did like to dress up in his old costumes around the house, but he wasn't big on wearing them outside.  He also never ate his candy.  It would sit in the pantry until the next Halloween when I'd throw it all out to make room for the new.

So with Camryn I decided to approach Halloween with ZERO expectations.  I haven't even bought her a costume, we've just done cute Halloween outfits.  I knew I'd get frustrated if I had a really cute costume and she refused to wear parts of it.  If you are going to do a costume you need to do the whole thing - like Minnie Mouse without ears.  Who would do that????

I think Halloween may be Camryn's thing. She loved the chocolate last night. I think she ate a little bit of a Twizzler, a whole mini sized crunch bar and 2 tootsie rolls. She had a ring of chocolate around her mouth by the end of the night.  She also wasn't a bit scared by the other costumes.  She just seemed to take it all in.  We kept our treating to a minimum, but we did visit a couple of friends who had indoor pets.  There she got two of her favorite things at once - cats and chocolate.  We also went with Jim and Sharon to their church and ate hot dogs.  She and Memo also made sugar cookies.  Camryn was supposed to share one with me, but she ate the icing off of it first.  By the time we got home last night I think all of that sugar had kicked in....

The pictures are a little out of order....

And here is another video that gives you a taste of what she was like after we got home....

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