Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First Haircut

Camryn got her first official haircut today. I've trimmed her bangs a couple of times but she was in need of a major shape up. Of course Jay went to watch it. He said this was the first and last time he would ever be in a Beauty Shop!

She did better than I thought she would. Marsha didn't trim a lot off but at least
her bangs are shorter and the back is more even. I tried to get an after pic and she was not at all interested in that.

On another note- notice her red shoes in one of the pictures. Those came in the mail Saturday. She was thrilled with them. They are squeakers so she has been running all over the house in them. Saturday night she cried every time we tried to take them off...so we let her sleep in them. Since she was in bed with us the plan was to slip them off during the night we both fell asleep so she slept in the shoes all night. Sunday morning I asked Jay if he realized she slept in them all night. He said that yes he did realize it - and if he hasn't had a shirt on he would've had rubber burns on his back. I guess she must've rubbed her feet on his back all night. Whoops! We had to hide them Sunday morning while she was in the tub.

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Cute, cute and more cuteness!!