Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anyone else ready for Christmas???

Camryn and I are!!!  Camryn was so excited about it she insisted on wearing her snowman jammies this week.  Actually...she doesn't have a clue what these are.  She just smiled because I was excited :)

Not to bore you with the infertility details, but this is the most excited I've been about Christmas in a looooong time.  Prior to last year infertility was such a pressing cloud over me that it was hard to get excited.  Then before you all think I'm ungrateful - I was happy last year, but I was also rather numb during the holidays.  Our lives changed so much in 2011 (all of it wonderful) but things were kind of crazy.  Then when you add final home visits and finalization and a huge party the same week as Christmas - well it wears out a person.  Oh, and Camryn was only 6 months old during the holidays.  That didn't help the crazy part!

So this year I think we've finally adjusted to the new normal that is our family, we don't have a court date pressing on us and as much as I love our friends and family - I will not be hosting a huge party on the 23rd :)  That means I'm ready to enjoy the holidays with my little family and get back to some of our old and new cookie baking, the Nativity reading that Corey and Kristy gave us in 2010, our church's live Nativity, Hallmark Christmas movies, house decorating, gift buying, gift wrapping, Christmas music going all the time, looking at lights, etc.  Love. It. All.  I'd put our tree up tonight if Jay would let me :)  Actually it's not that he won't let me - I just don't think he's interested in getting all of those boxes down prior to Thanksgiving. 

Speaking of the tree - I'm pretty excited about that this year.  Except I'm going to do it differently.  I'm a huge ornament person.  I love my ornaments.  There are really only 2 personal possessions that would hurt me to loose - my Fiesta dishes and my ornaments.  I love putting all of our ornaments on the tree because they all mean something special.  Since they are so special I'm not going to put them on the tree this year.  Jay and I decided that with Sticky Fingers Camryn on the loose it would be better to go without this year.  As much as it pains me I've agreed.  I'd rather sit out a year than have them lost in the abyss of her toy box.  That girl squirrel's things away all the time.  I've lost a few earrings at her hands.  I don't need that kind of stress with my ornaments.  That's also why I shudder in fear every time Cade loads the dishwasher.  Yes, I know that skill is important....but it is my Fiesta dishes!!
I'm also not putting up ornaments because I had a vision of something else that would probably happen...Jay and I standing in front of an X-ray of one of Camryn's various body parts (eye, hand, stomach, etc). Then I hear the doctor say "yeah, there is the ornament hook..." I'm not interested in that.

I'm also thinking about doing Elf on a Shelf this year...with all my plans I probably should have started July 5...

And I've added several Christmas outfits to Camryn's collection. I have a disease. I can not resist holiday outfits. I have to stay off of Zulily right now. Too much smocking and Christmas goodness combined in 1 outfit. I can hardly resist.

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