Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thankful Thoughts

Wow!! I'm surrounded by a lot of cranky vibes today. My co-workers must've both taken cranky pills this morning. One I'm pretty used to the moods but it is abnormal for the other one. Again...WOW!! I've escaped to Sonic for lunch and a non-hostile environment...LOL

But I've refused to allow their bad moods to ruin my good mood. We only work 3 days this week. That alone can put me in a good mood. Not to mention the other things I'm happy and Thankful for...
My dad is coming to our house for dinner Thursday. I also think our neighbors will also be there

We are going to Springfield to get some last minute things...which means eating out!

I've started on a fun Christmas project/gift for Camryn. I'm excited to makes couple more for some other special girls

Camryn is obsessed with Mickey Mouse right now. Too cute! She went to the Disney Store for the first time Saturday. She was a hoot! See below picture.

We are going to Fayetteville Friday.

Got to spend this past Saturday with my mom in Tulsa

It is almost time to put our tree up

Cade watched Sophia the First with Camryn last night. Watching them together melts my heart. It is so sweet.

I know there are many, many other things but it is time to head back. I'll just keep reviewing this list over and over until 4:30!

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Shelley said...

LOVE the disney store. It's like a little fix until we get back to the most magical place on Earth, right? Elle loves the magic mirror. I can't wait to see the secret thing you are making :) And I can't wait to learn to make my own. That is sweet that Cade watched the princess show with Camryn. It was a cute little show.