Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hello, my name is Crystal.....

and I haven't slept in days. 

Our lack of sleep the last several nights and Camryn's case of Restless Leg Syndrome really took precident for me over the election last night.  I am exhausted today!  Therefore it was a leggings as pants (under a long sweater of course), crumb cake donut and coffee kind of day.  Even the 2 skinny butted ladies in front of me at Casey's didn't sway me from the donuts (or question the leggings as pants decision).  That is how bad last night was....

I hope it is still the steroid that Camryn is taking that is making her nuts.  Jay has never been diagnosed as having Restless Leg Syndrome, but we know he has it.  Camryn seemed to be suffering from the same thing last night.  She would not stop moving her legs.  Even when she was drifting off to sleep on my lap her legs were still moving.  It reminded me of how a cat will paw something until it is right before they lay down.  Except Camryn never stopped moving her legs.  Never.

Finally at 9 I was done with Jay's election coverage and I decided to go to bed.  You know that advice people give you with new babies....sleep when your baby sleeps????  No one really does that because they do little things during that time that make them feel human like shower and brush their teeth.  But I am here to tell you right now - when your child taking a steroid sleeps then you need to sleep.

Camryn was actually fairly still until about 11:30.  Then her legs started kicking.  By midnight she was full blown awake.  She is going to be so messed up after all of this.  We are giving her bottles of milk at all hours just to get her to go to sleep and calm down.  I put her in our bed and with a bottle.  Jay told me to sleep on the couch and he'd take her abuse for awhile.  She was quiet until 3:30.  Or at least I thought she was quiet.  I got up then and gave her another bottle and had to turn cartoons on for her.  I tried getting back in bed with them and it was awful!!  Jay said that Camryn marched up and down his spine all night.  I'd believe it because from 3:30 until 5:30 she had to have walked the equivalent of 10 miles.  Apparently Camryn didn't want Charity to get one up on her so she decided to hold her own marathon in our bed!

Not only were her legs moving up and down on us constantly she is also obsessed with my phone right now.  I have a video of her singing her meow song.  She will look at my phone and cry "meow, meow".  So I will pull the video up and she will start to watch it.  Except she can't understand the concept of if she swipes her fingers across the screen the video will disappear.  Then she will continue to swipe through picture after picture until she lands on the exact same one every time and then she will hand it back and cry "meow, meow" again.  From 3:30 until 5:30 I kept finding the meow video for her.  But instead of handing it back most of the time it was thrown on my head.    Then she likes to play with my hair - which is fine, except that right now it has gotten quite violent.  She has been pulling pieces out around my temples.  I don't have a lot of hair to begin with so I really hate to loose anymore.  You know those poor old women you see who have no hair until about the midway point on the top of their skull? Yeah, that's how I'm going to look if this continues. 

So today I really dreaded coming to work....I'm exhausted, my back is killing me for some reason, and I knew I was going to hear about how the rapture is going to take place any moment since we re-elected the current president.  No, I don't believe the country is going in the right direction, I am concerned about our future.  But it clearly says in the Bible no one knows the day or the hour - not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself  (“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father Matthew 24:36")  So it wears me out to hear the analysis of every detail that is going wrong in the world and trying to pinpoint the day or the time.  All I know is that every day is one day closer.  And we've been in the end times since the moment Eve took the forbidden fruit. 

So unless it happens before 9pm tonight, I'm going to focus on what I do know.....if Camryn doesn't stop marching up and down our backs during the night Jay and I are going to need a padded room at the nearest mental hospital.

Here is some of what was going on last night.  She just kept circling our couch.  Then when she stops and looks into my phone her legs are still moving.  She can't keep them still.

And before everyone thinks we constantly have laundry on the floor Camryn had pulled a basket of folded laundry off a the chair in one of her crazy fits last night.  I am so beat down I didn't care.  It is still on the floor right now....

And here is the meow song.


Anonymous said...

The last time I took steroids for Poison Ivy I became an emotional wreck. Crying for no reason. And not sleeping well. They are great for taking care of the "ailment" but do weird things to your body. Hope she gets well soon!

Shelley said...

Oh my. I have been there done that...except our sleepless nights are with insane fevers. It is 100% full on survival mode that we kick into. Anything to just get a few minutes of rest. How many times in a night can we watch the same movie?? I think our record is her falling asleep in the third viewing of a certain movie...maybe Nemo? At any rate, you just do whatever it takes to survive!!! And when these sort of nights occur the reason God created two parents for one child becomes completely clear. Tag teaming is absolutely necessary. I feel your pain, friend.

I love your full disclosure stories. They are real and fluff-free and make moms who read them see that they are not alone.