Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Fall!

This past weekend was beautiful!  I spent Friday in Arkansas at two different craft shows.  I love craft show weekend!  The weather is usually gorgeous and the trees are so pretty on the drive.  I also just love walking around the shows and seeing all of the stuff.  I did have one thing on my agenda so I hit that booth up first thing.  I got Camryn 4 dresses - 1 with a Razorback, 1 with a Christmas tree and two embroidered ones.  I love embroidered dresses!  I also managed to get a few Christmas presents bought.  It was a fun day.

Saturday Cade's 4-H had a party at a corn maze.  We have never been to a corn maze so we wanted to check it out.  Saturday was a beautiful day....but it was pretty hot.  Especially in the middle of a cornfield with no breeze and a 16 month old without a stroller.  At one point Camryn's scalp was bright red.  I wasn't sure if she was red from the screaming fit she was having, the fact she might have been overheating or if she was getting a sunburn.  As we took the 100th wrong turn Jay said "corn mazes are clearly for city folk, farm people don't need this!"  I finally managed to get out first, I had sweat rolling down my face, the back of my hair was wet and Camryn was crying.  The guy working it asked me if I was ready to go through the 2nd half.   I told him no.  I had been wearing a scarf and I had removed that.  If I went through the 2nd half I might have totally stripped down.  Camryn and I found a place in the shade and it didn't take long for us to cool down while we waited for Jay and Cade.  When they got out I could tell Jay was done but Cade wanted to do the 2nd half.  Camryn and I sat that one out. I'm pretty sure I'm good on corn mazes for awhile.

The 4-H club had reserved a fire pit at this same farm.  It was a pretty neat place.  It was just hot that day and we were out in the middle of a field with no shade and a fire.  It is pretty funny when you think about it.  We looked more like we were going to a Memorial Day BBQ instead of a fall weenie roast.  But it was a fun time and Camryn got her first taste of an Oreo.  She clearly is a filling kind of girl.

After the 4-H party we ran home and had enough time to gather up more food and change Camryn into Halloween outfit #2 for the day.  Then we headed to our church's fall party - another weenie roast.  I ate more hot dogs on Saturday than I have in a year.  You could tell it by looking at my sodium swelled fingers Sunday morning!  We had another good time that evening.  Camryn really enjoyed herself...

and Cade actually participated in bobbing for apples

and he got one.  He wasn't going to do it because it grosses him out.  I named him well because he has the same issues with germs that his namesake, my grandpa Ewing had.  He agreed to do it because they let him go first.

And we always do a pinata, which is great fun for everyone.  This year the mask was Hello Kitty.  I had two plates of food on my lap so I couldn't get closer for a picture but Cade looked pretty funny.

After the party we came home with 3 extra boys.  They were pretty good and didn't trash the house too badly.  At least they are old enough that we can tell them not to burn the place down and then shut our door and go to sleep.  That was a good thing considering I was exhausted! But I loved spending the day with these two (and Jay)!

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