Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Political Disclaimer

When I started this blog in July 2007 it was a way to record our adoption journey.  Writing became sort of a therapy for me and this blog, in part, is what helped me survive all of our adoption junk.  I've always tried to find the humor in situations so blogging about what I observed and found to be humorous sort of because my niche.  I really didn't know (or care) if others found them to be funny - I just did it for my own sanity and way a to record those family moments.  Jay prints me off a copy of our blog and gives it to me for Christmas every year.  The funny moments are the ones I want to treasure when I'm old and gray and looking through those books.

When ever I've had a post on politics it has only been to point out the humor in whatever situation was going on in our home.  Good grief - I caught my husband painting on our propane tank.  That's not something a lot of wives will experience (or even admit).  If he had put Daffy Duck for president I still would've blogged about it....after I had his mental health checked out.

 I think one of Cade's greatest (and funniest) attributes is his 100% passion he puts toward what he believes in.  Tuesday night sthat passion was about politics, Wednesday night it was about the unfairness of the no talking rule in class.  Who knows what he will be passionate about next week.  I didn't blog about Cade and his friend disagreeing to push a political agenda.  I just want to remember the conversation we had that night.  There was a lot of laughing around our dinner table.  Who wouldn't want to remember a great family night???  And Cade and his friend didn't have a knock down fight.  There was some words exchanged and they went back to playing kickball.  I'd say most politicians could learn a lot by watching how quickly 10 year old boys argue and make-up.

So for anybody that I offended by those posts I truly am sorry.  That was not my intention at all.  I know we all believe differently, which is 100% our freedom.  This is just a little old family memory blog and nothing more. 

Cade has so much passion for what he believes in.  I actually am proud of the fact he is so outspoken for what he believes in.  I hope that is a trait that continues all through his life.  He is a unique individual and I can't wait to see what kind of a man he turns out to be.  And he as had some excellent examples of Godly men on both sides of our family to look up to.  I thank God every day for giving my son such a great father, grandfathers, great-great grandfathers and uncles.

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