Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First Airplane Ride

Dad got a picture to commemorate the occasion....don't mind my wind blown hair...or Camryn's outfit and messed up hair.  We hadn't even left Branson yet and we were already on outfit #2 and there was no way she was having any part of a bow that night.  Her hair looked so bad on this trip she got called a boy repeatedly.  Jay said that if they thought she was a he then he must have been wearing some sissy clothes!  I've been trying to do ponies in hair now.  She leaves rubber bands alone better than she does her bows.

 Camryn's first flight went so much better than I thought it would.  For some reason, the entire way to the airport she screamed.  Jay and I were pretty scared.  If she was acting that horrible in the car what would the plane be like???  But I had packed stickers for her and that kept her very occupied on the first flight.  She stuck them on the back of the tray and then I'd take them off and she'd do it all over again. 

The most stressful part of the evening was our milk supply.  I didn't know what the rules were for milk on a plane.  I knew that formula was ok, but Camryn's isn't necessarily a "baby" and milk isn't formula.  A more together mom would have researched the rules exactly....I kept meaning to but with trying to pack and get things together at work I ran out of time.  We only took one bottle with us in case it wasn't allowed.  Just FYI-milk is ok.  They run it through a machine that tells them it is not explosive. When we got in the airport at Branson I thought I'd buy more.  Wrong.  They were sold out.  When we got to Atlanta we had enough time to run to one of those convenience type stores before we headed to our gate.  The lady working at the store started to tell us she was closing but then she noticed we had a baby and were headed to the milk so she let us in.  We paid $7 for 3 organic packets of milk (24 oz total) that resembled the dishwater after I wash her bottles, but it was milk.  We would've paid a lot more than that by that point.  On the way back we filled up 3 bottles and a sippy cup.  Lesson learned!  I'm sure airport security cringed when they saw what we were packing, but oh well! 

Camryn ended up sleeping on two out of the four flights so that helped a lot.  But when she was awake it really was ok.  She sat on my lap 99% of the time.  We were able to manage all of our carry ons and didn't loose a bag or anything else in the airports.  It really was anti climatic.  I built it up in my mind to be way worse than it ended up being.  We did love the Branson airport.  We will definitely look at flying out of there again.  Even the long term parking was really close.  That was important to Jay since he was in charge of 1 large suitcase and Camryn's enormous car seat.  Those car seats are pretty awkward.

So all in all I'm calling our first airplane ride a success.  I'm not in any hurry to do it again but at least I know if we are given a free vacation somewhere I won't automatically turn it down.

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Anonymous said...

Won't it be great to have her weaned from those stinkin bottles!