Thursday, December 18, 2008

Doctor Update

Charlie and I both had big days yesterday. Here's the update.....

My kidney's and bladder are fine. I don't have to go back unless I have another issue. The kidney stone is small enough that we are going to ignore it for now. Since the pain in my right side has gone away maybe the stone has also gone away? Anyway, I'll definitely be able to recognize the pain if it ever comes back again. The Urologist had a different opinion on the gallstones than the urgent care doctor did because he used to be a gallbladder surgeon. He told me I needed to have my gallbladder removed. He said 300-400 people die each year from gallstones. He's seen people die with the number that I have because they get caught down in the tubes (whatever that means). So I've got an appointment with my regular doctor this morning to have him refer me to a surgeon. I really wasn't expecting that yesterday.

Charlie seemed to pull through his ordeal without showing any signs of stress or discomfort. When we picked him up yesterday afternoon he was his normal hyper self. He was jumping on us like he hadn't seen us in a month. I had his leash when we walked out the door. Jay took him from me so I wouldn't fall because the parking lot was ice covered. I'm glad Jay had him, because Charlie pulled Jay out to the truck like he was on a dog sled. Jay managed to keep upright, but I don't know that I would have been so lucky. Charlie was sent home with two pain pills and instructions about watching his stitches. We're supposed to keep him from rough housing, running and jumping. Have you ever met our dog?

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