Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve

This year for Christmas Eve we got to do something we’ve only done one other time….stay at our house. The other time we did it was in 2002 and that was because we were snowed in. I’m not sure that counts??? It worked out better for Megan and Terry to be at Jim and Sharon’s the day after Christmas so we had Christmas with the Shepherd’s on the 26th. We invited Jim and Sharon over on Christmas Eve and we had a nice relaxing evening. It was nice to be able to sit around and just enjoy Christmas Eve without all of the frantic running around. We did plenty of it the next three days so I really enjoyed our evening at home. We ate, let Cade open up a few presents (one small toy and his traditional Christmas Jammies), talked and watched Christmas Vacation for the 1,000th time. After Cade opened up his presents Jay let me open up one of mine. He had printed off all of our blog entries and put them in two notebooks. I have Volume I and Volume II. Then I let Jay open up one of his. It was his traditional Crazy Christmas pants from Cade.
A picture of us that night. We moved our tree to a new spot this year. I think this will be it's new yearly "home".

Here Jay and Cade are putting out Reindeer Feed to attract the Reindeer. If you don't know what Reindeer Feed is, it's a wonderful mixture of oatmeal and glitter that elementary kids mix together at school on the last day during their Christmas parties. As you can tell by the fact Jay is dumping out Cade's backpack, it is a tricky thing to transport home. Thankfully Jay had vaccuumed out my car or the reindeer might have landed in it. Eight reindeer in a Pontiac would not have been a fun thing to have cleaned up after. We had stored the backpack in a safe location until this night where we could dump it out but not upset Cade. I've seen him get upset over me throwing away papers. I could imagine how upsetting seeing his Reindeer feed in the trash would've been for him

Cade's traditional jammies.

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