Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Rental

This is why the picture of Jay from the last post cracked me up. After leaving one of the beaches - I think it was Fort Walton - Jay looked just like John Candy from Summer Rental. It is quite a work out walking uphill to leave the beach in all that sand while carrying a bunch of equipment.

Mom had a lot of questions in her last comment, which I hadn't done a very good job in the last post. I was trying to get all of the pictures on there.

1. The pictures of Jay and Cade in the streetcar and Cade in the suit - those were taken at Pensacola's Historic Village. They had some neat exhibits to go through. In the top of one of the museums they had a play area where the kids could dress up as French Solders from the French and Indian War. They had a fort and a boat and several other areas. It might have been Cade's favorite part of the trip.

2. Yes my burger had something green on it. At McGuires you could have a steakburger with any kind of topping you could imagine. They even had a peanut butter and a hot fudge burger. I opted for the tomato and guacamole, which I ended up wearing most of.

3. As for the pictures looking as imagined, yes they do. The only thing missing is sand. Sand that gets in places sand has no business being. Sand that I will be finding in my car the day we trade it off. Sand that I'm still finding in the bottoms of bags. All the times I dreamed of going on an beach vacation, I never imagined the sand. The sand has a way of bringing you back to reality quickly. Don't get me wrong, we had a great time, I just never dreamed sand could be so irritating.

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