Friday, July 25, 2008

Last of the Pictures

Sorry, these pictures are just all over the place. These were taken our last day in Pensacola and then Thursday on the way home. The beach pictures are of Pensacola Beach.

This beach picture is my favorite on from the trip

This picture just cracks me up, that's Jay in the orange trunks.

The picture of me with all the stuff on my shirt is one of Jay's favorites. Our last night in Florida we ate at MgGuires Irish Pub. I had a steakburger and ended up making a huge mess. Usually Jay is the one making dining errors, but that night it was me. It was very embarrassing, I had stuff everywhere. Luckily Cade fell asleep so I carried him out of the restaurant. He worked great as a 50 pound cover up. Finally in the parking lot I gave him to Jay, I was about to slip a disk.

The USS Alabama in Mobile

Jay's great uncle Ted and his wife Nan

We drove through Mississippi on Thurday and stopped to see Ted and Nan for a couple of hours. It was a nice visit, except I think Cade drove Nan crazy. Cade still doesn't understand that just because his grandparents stop what they're doing to listen to him - not everyone wants to do that. We've been working on not interrupting people, but so far we haven't made much progress.

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Anonymous said...

Where was the picture of the street car and Cade in the uniform taken? The picture of Jay should be titled "Summer Rental w/ Jay Shepherd". In the dining picture of you it looks as though you have a sun burn. What was green on your burger? I love all the beach pictures. They look just the way I have pictured in my mind. I like the one of Cade laying down and playing in the water. Thanks for sharing your family vaction with all of us that read your blog. It's just like being there.