Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our Vacation

I finally have an excuse to use another ticker - we are getting close to leaving on our vacation. Our plans are to leave on the 11th and drive to Pensacola, FL. We'll be there from Saturday through Thursday. I think right now we're wanting to drive to Gulf Shores for a day, go to an aquarium in another town in Florida (think smaller version of Sea World) and maybe go on a dolphin cruise. The jury's still out on the dolphin cruise - in theory is sounds neat. In reality being on a little boat in a vast amount of water will more than likely freak me out. (Leslie, I don't know how you've been able to go on so many cruises)

I know, we are probably the only family in America driving anywhere this year. For awhile I felt guilty about spending money to go on vacation when Dave Ramsey (christian financial guy) keeps whispering in my ear - get your debts paid off, snowball your payments, become financially free, etc. After I found out about Skyler, my attitude changed. In the whole scheme of life, Cade isn't going to care if we took this small sum of money and paid down on something. He is going to remember his parents taking him to the ocean. The three of us are healthy and we are going to enjoy going to Florida as a family this summer.


Kristy said...

Oooh, I'm jealous. I am trying to get Corey to take us to a beach this summer. We've never been on a family vacation...we always spent summer trips visiting family. That doesn't count in my book. I want my kids to have those memories, too...just us...on a beach...relaxing and enjoying each other. Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Well, for starters, a cruise ship is larger than the entire complex where we received our K-12 schooling. That makes it a bit easier to conquer the ocean! :o) I agree though, taking out to sea in some of those smaller vessels for a little excursion sometimes leaves me humming the theme to Gilligan's Island and wondering if I know exactly how to build a radio out of a coconut. If the brochure starts out with "A three hour tour", I'm doubly nervous.
But if the weather's nice, go for it. You'll always be grateful you did. I've also heard swimming with the dolphins is an extraordinary experience. Shallow water, no boat, maybe that's your best bet?

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

You know the Mastercard commercials-gas for a trip to Flordia $XXX, cost for motel stay $XXX, time on the beach together PRICELESS.
Last night on the news the MO Hwy Patrol reported heavier traffic on I-44 than in past years. Reason people are taking shorter vacations this year, staying closer to home and driving - no long trips and airfare.
Enjoy You, Jay and Cade are only young once do it now.